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Matthias Dengler's picture

I like the raw vibes of it! Nice moment, Alejandro!

Alejandro Ilukewitsch's picture

Thanks Matthias!

Nico Froehlich's picture

This has a rawness and a realness, which I respect. Was it candid?

Alejandro Ilukewitsch's picture

Thanks! Depends what you mean with candid :) I usually ask for permission, but this time without exchanging words I composed the shot, exactly at that moment he looked at the camera, I took the picture and moved on. So yes somehow it's a candid since it didn't involved me posing the subject nor interacting with him, but he did saw me taking the pict.


The ash on the cigarette seems to defy gravity. Impressive timing.

Alejandro Ilukewitsch's picture

Haha thanks, true :)

matteo fabbian's picture

nice shot!

Robert Baganz's picture

Great Shot!

Nick Viton's picture

Finally, a picture with connection! So many entries of people's backs or people on their phones. Great work Alejandro!

Alejandro Ilukewitsch's picture

Thanks for the kind words!