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Paris / France

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You almost had it.
There is only one person looking down at a smartphone.
It would have been world class otherwise ;-)

Angry girl far left seems like she is going somewhere to tell someone what she thinks about what they did. Two girls next to her look like they are sharing gossip about a family member or friend, mobile phone lady is deep into reading a book or something on her device, probably fifty shades because the lady next to her can’t believe she is reading it in public, kid with the cap looks as if his mum keeps drilling into him “come straight home, it’s dangerous out there, don’t talk to any strange people”. Speaking of strangers, dude with the hat has seen the camera and is projecting himself as a thinker. I really feel for the person in the prayer position as it looks like he’s had some terrible news. Disapproving husband and wife, if you told them they’d just won lotto they’d share a story about how their neighbour won lotto but lost everything and that they are better off without it. The blurred guy. Well I am going to well and truly project here, he’s walking out of the shot but I have a feeling when he does he’ll show up on the left side of the photo, kicking off the cycle again (yep, each person was a mood or experience he has been through).

So to summarise.

I love the photo a lot!