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2.33 - "Needs Work" 

So I was traveling all around europe by train, only having one camera and 2 lenses with me. In Rotterdam I got a nice room above a small street. I saw some nice leading lines on the ground an waited till some people came around. :)

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I really like the geometry and perspective of this, there's a movie/game feel about it. I kind of wish the people were a little brighter though as the sign tries to grab my eye but maybe that's why the yellow lines are there... nice work anyway!

Thanks for that nice comment, yes i tried to get the attention a bit away from that sign.
Glad you like it! :)

Nice one. Pity that both persons are not in the light

true, but well, thats the problem with street photography and not beeing able to tell the people what to do. :)

That is very true