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1.69 - "Needs Work" 

Central Plaza after work - Otovalo Ecuador

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It's a cool shot, but avoir taking pictures of people from behind. It's so much more interesting to see faces. Unless it makes sens to see subjects from behind. For example if they are looking at something interesting. When people look down at a smartphone is also not a good subject choice.

I really appreciate you leaving feedback is helpful.

I almost gave this one star and moved on. But the more I look at it, the more interesting it gets. The composition is fascinating. My eye follows a zig zag from the three guys in front, to the hunched over lady walking, to the shadowy figures sitting down, to the people in the background by the building. The photo makes me curious about who the people are, I want to know more about them. Especially the lady who looks like she had a really bad day.
Even though the photo is not immediately attention grabbing, it is really good work.

Thank you Thomas,
While I was at this spot the 2 men in suits were having a whispered conversation back and forth. I took it that they were were talking about the man in the Ramones hoodie next to them.

Otovalo is a very small city with mostly a farming community so the 2 in suits provided a contrast to the other people and surroundings. The plaque next to them talks about the virtues and valor of the indigenous hero Ruminawi.

Was I able to communicate what was happening in this photo...I am not sure, as it's hard to separate yourself from the experience of being there.

Thanks again for the kind comments