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1.36 - "Snap Shot" 

At 75 y/o, Judy Winter is an actress who played Marlene Dietrich in the long running play 'Marlene', to bring awareness of and financial support to AIDS/HIV causes and to its communities. With over 550 performances in 62 cities and 7 countries, having spanned many decades, this image is of her final curtain call (February 4, 2018).

Judy Winter has fund-raised millions of dollars by this one ongoing performance. Her strength of character and endurance of her determination for this cause should always be respected, remembered and celebrated.

Those who may believe that the AIDS/HIV crisis is over, do not actually know that there are people like her, who are active in making sure that the progress of treatment and the ending of stigma and shame, as well as ending the threat, are all maintained. albeit, by entertainment, such as what she had been doing for so long and for so many.

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There are a couple issues I see with this shot. Her face is out of focus. Her eyes are closed. I've found that, if you're taking candid photos of people, it helps to get 3-4 shots in burst mode to get at least one where they're not blinking out making a weird face. The light on her is causing some blowouts, and the guy next to her is underexposed. Some work in post would help that. I'm also not a fan of the crop.

well, what i like about the analogue photo I made is that her face is in a soft out of focus way, as she is 75 years old. and that her eyes are closed and express a grateful feeling of accomplishment. A person's face has more that one way of expressing itself. I really like that there are some 'blow outs' because she is 75 years old.

Anyone can see that the spotlight is on her, and not the 'underexposed' man next to her. I LOVE the crop because it shows a bit of the audience and has a nice movement.

Nonetheless, i appreciate your expressing a point of view. This image was published in an important magazine here in Berlin, and here in Berlin, she is greatly appreciated, and she very much loved the photo. as do I, the publishers of the magazine, and many other people who are not limited to commercialized photography.

Besides, after having looked thru your images, via Flickr, I have found several, questionable images, that should definitely not be shown in public, such as,
Embrace (horribly distressing cropping)
Logan Square (bad cropping)
Promised Land (not fully in focus)

I understand that you did not enter those images into a contest for scrutiny (I hope) so again, thanks for your point of view, considering your level of creative talent! You've come a long way out of Bensalem!