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Submit your best image with a theme of "strength" for your chance to win a free Fstoppers tutorial.
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Strength can take on many forms but for this week's episode of Critique the Community, Lee picked out 10 images that focused on strength of the human body. Do you agree with his and Patrick's feedback? 

Congratulations to the two winners of the free Fstoppers tutorials. Nelson Azevedo submitted the highest community rated image and Caleb Kerr was chosen to win the second tutorial. I will be in touch with both of you via your Fstoppers profiles to claim your prize. 

If you missed your chance to participate in this episode, we invite you to submit your best composites for next week's episode, where we plan on having a guest appearance with Josh Rossi

  • Submission Deadline: Fri, 08 Mar 19 04:45:00 +0000

    This contest has ended.

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Lee...........what ever you drink before critiquing please.......please let us know what it might help us understand your thinking...........;)

You also don't like the picture of the girls back? That image is amazing!

Again........what were ya' drinkin'........the missing head freaked me out.........and, that it was a bit too tight for me................of course, I was on my third Vodka and lemonade...............

I think Puerto Rico’s sun is messing with your heads a little. The image with the dude and the lions is the worst composite image I ever seen. You guys have been drinking too much rum I guess. Also stop choosing just 10 images specially if your picks at this bad. We wait long enough to hear your critiques for you to do a half of the work. A little mor enthuse would also be appreciated. Looks like you guys are saying “ I have ten minutes to burn so we do a critique now”.
PS enough with your ugly feet and puts something to cover those cornfilled ugly toes.

Did you feel that wind wooshing through your hair? That might have been the joke flying over your head. ;-)

Haha man you sound pretty upset about this critique

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