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Submit your best image with a theme of "strength" for your chance to win a free Fstoppers tutorial.
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What is your best image that conveys a message of strength? It could be a capture of a physical feat, similar to the featured image by Andy Day or it could be something that's more subtle. Submit your images now to get direct feedback from your fellow community members. 

Between now and March 7, 2019 we will be accepting up to two of your best images that fit the contest theme. Twenty of the images will be selected to be critiqued by the Fstoppers team and two of those entries will win a free Fstoppers tutorial. The first winner will be selected based on the highest community rated image. The second winner will be chosen at random. 

Once you enter, take some time to scroll through the other community member's submissions and give some feedback of your own. The easiest way to rate an image is to use your number and key pad. We also encourage you to leave helpful and encouraging feedback when you notice how an image could be improved. 

  • Submission Deadline: Fri, 08 Mar 19 04:45:00 +0000

    This contest has ended.

  • Voting is closed.

  • 361 people have cast a total of 19,437 votes on 284 submissions from 198 contestants.
  • Congratulations to the winners!

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David Penner's picture

David better sneak his sun photo in just to piss them off.

Kurt Hummel's picture

That would be great. I regret not buying the print and also getting the picture of Lee say what were you thinking.

Kolby Mccue's picture

😂 I accidentally posted the pizza delivery driver picture

Bennett Cooper's picture

I saw that and I was wondering why 😂 But still a good shot

Chris Sampson's picture

I've tried in the past to avoid this comment but in this contest I can't. Why are people submitting shots that are not on topic?

Lukasz J's picture

Cause they wanna moan how bad community is here, giving low rates (because photos are off topic).

Brandon MacKinnon's picture

Or maybe some peoples views on what are acceptable pictures for the topic are so rigid anything outside them is wrong. In my opinion the images here are more on topic than other critiques I have seen.

g coll's picture

Off topic photos should be an automatic 1 star.

Lennart Böwering's picture

I think that is how many people are voting now and it totally distorts the voting system. It would be way more helpful if there was a voting option for "not on topic". That way the stars would more likely represent what they're meant to and the photographer will get a separate note if the picture is off-topic.
One could also think about pictures being automatically removed from the contest, when they have a certain percentage of "not on topic" votes (relative to regular votes).

g coll's picture

Actually yes I agree. Rating a 1 star only harms the voting system. Perhaps blatant off-topic submissions should be omitted with a note to the submitter. Also perhaps those who've made a submission aren't permitted to vote at all therefore preventing negative voting tactics.

James Terry's picture

If photos are off topic, I would say just don't rate them. Maybe ask them how they perceive their photo to convey the message of the contest?

g coll's picture

See my reply to Lennart.

Terry Waggoner's picture

That too would distort the rating system..........adding a Zero "0" to indicate that the voter considers it off topic would be appropriate...........

Jason Whelehon's picture

It’d be nice to get feedback. That’s why I decided to post on here. I think the vote rule should require a comment not just a star click. Like, what specifically could “use work”?

Chris Sampson's picture

I agree with that fully
When I post photos on my page or in groups and get feedback I listen. I might not agree but it tells me what they are seeing.

Brandon MacKinnon's picture


Viewing the Journey's picture

I posted because I want the feedback. Criticism given and accepted in a professional manner helps both. Thank you

imagecolorado's picture

All this bickering about a stupid photo contest. I'm out.

A B's picture


Mike Heikkila's picture

This topic is so subjective, I feel like most of the users on this site will only refer to strength as photos of body builders or people working out and wont really see the topic how it should be viewed, not to mention the entire group of users that only think portraits of people cant be professional unless they have like 16 flashes with 800 different modifiers.

Bobby Wood's picture

No kidding! Please check my submission out and see what you think!

Edmund Boateng's picture

first time submitting and joining the Fstoppers community, already have been a fan for a while, so its awesome to finally be able to be a part of this community

John Vander Ploeg's picture

I think people take these contests WAY too seriously. They’re supposed to be fun. I’ve seen multiple pics of the day rated in the 2’s, the competition doesn’t promote positive feedback, it promotes bickering. Who gets to decide a photo is off topic?! In many instances they make the category purposely vague to promote different interpretations. All the negativity is why I have trouble even taking these contests seriously anymore...

Brandon MacKinnon's picture

So are you saying people can rate higher than a two ???

John Vander Ploeg's picture


Logan Baker's picture

I have an image I would like to submit but I’m not sure if it would break any rules. I composited a child into a superhero. I used Dragonball animations as the background. I composites multiple frames to make it look like a comic book page. I think I’m going to submit it. Because I’d like our communities feedback on how well I incorporated the child into the image. If using a stock background disqualify me from the competition, I would understand.

Brandon MacKinnon's picture

I agree, but the only problem in that is who votes? What reason do they have to vote?

Robert Tran's picture

As long as folks continue submitting and the site is still generating traffic, there will be little reason to re-engineer the voting system. This being said, I feel that the system is fine.

Whereas each of us subscribe to the groups that are relevant to us and that we understand, the contests combine landscape, studio, portrait, natural light, fine art etc. shooters. People who understand what goes into a final product will rate a certain way, as will those who aren't familiar with process and all of the technical nuances.

I admit that having started with landscape photography, I probably rate landscapes more critically than I do photos which use off camera lighting / studio head shots, because my experience with the latter is really limited. I'm blown away by what other studio shooters would feel are commonplace. That all goes with the territory and subjectivity.

George Popescu's picture

Members who have NOT submitted photos in the contest should be voting.

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