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1.92 - "Needs Work" 

The water was taken as a long exposure. For the sky I used another shot from that day (regular exposure) and transformed it to try to make it look like a shorter exposure than the water but still kind of long so the clouds till have some texture.

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Is the sky image taken from the exact same position? It looks to me like it's a way different angle as the vanishing point doesn't seem to align.

No it was taken from a completely different spot. When I was taking the photo the thought of making a composite for the sky didn't even cross my mind or I would have taken two photos from the same spot. I didn't think about it until I got to the computer. I'm also not a big compositor I was just kind of experimenting and trying something new with this.

Okay, that explains it. If you want to do something like that again, try to align the horizon lines of both images as close as possible. That way the clouds will look way more realistic.

I may actually have a regular shot from the same spot. I may have to revisit this with that photo if I have it. Thanks for the comment.