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I shot each girl separate in this shot. I laid them down, sprinkled flour all over them (making sure a bit of it spilled onto the floor all around them), lit them from lower left and took the shot making sure the lighting/camera angle was the same for each girl. I then set up the background and props, matched the lighting and angle, then took the shot. in the editing process, I made sure all 3 images were edited the exact same way, masked the girls in, then color graded and made my final adjustments afterwards. the masking was fairly easy since the images were shot to match.

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Jafet Batalla's picture

This is the best I've seen so far

Tyler Schwab's picture

Thanks so much! That means a lot!

vincent del valle's picture

haha this is awesome, made me laugh, thanks!

Tyler Schwab's picture

Lol, that’s the Intent! Thank you!

Emanuel Schimpfössl's picture

Amazing!! Could be a commercial for me!

Tyler Schwab's picture

Wow, thank you!

Emanuel Schimpfössl's picture

THis one is going to win! #5stars

Tyler Schwab's picture

Wow! Thanks so much!

Vihar Laskov's picture

Great! Really love the story here, bravo! :)

Tyler Schwab's picture

Thank you vihar!

Corey Weberling's picture

This is awesome. Concepts super fun too! Great job!

I'd say it's pretty much perfect. After staring at it for a minute, if I had to pick something out I'd say my eye gets caught on the shadow at the top. And my brain desires just a tiny bit more breathing room below the rolling pin.

But definitely top quality.

Tyler Schwab's picture

Wow. Thanks man! If I had to do this over, I think my biggest thing is the lighting. I lit from bottom left of the image when I feel I should have lit from top left. I’m still happy with it, but like you said, minor tweaks.