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2.91 - "Solid" 

This Raptor was shot on the east coast far away from the Rocky Mountains, decided it needed something a little more bold to fit its character so I did a little compositing and added in a storm for effect.

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Nice. The lighting on the truck looks really good, and it matches the background well! I've actually seen that shot of the mountains! :) Nice usage and blending of it.

Personally I think the particles need some work. I actually thought that they were stars at first. If you're going for a "storm" feel like you said you could take those particles and motion blur them, or if you just want to add grit/dust to it I think they should be smaller. Or I think they could work how they are if you masked in just a little bit on the bottom half the image as well that way they read as dust, or grit, or something in the foreground/on the lens. I think the image would look fabulous without them as well. There's multiple ways you could solve it.

Nice image though.

Thanks! i agree i wasnt too happy with the snow effect, def needed some work