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This is obviously a cool shot that I think the subject really loves. However I want to leave some feedback why it doesn't really grab me. Working with real smoke you notice fast that it's really "unstable" in that it immediately reacts to the slightest things. Obviously movements and wind but also to the mass of any object. Smoke will be drawn towards the subject and then drive upwards because of body heat wrapping around and creating various effects that are missing here. Second thing is that smoke like this doesn't have colour. To get it as colourful as in your picture you'd need several strobes with gels which would in turn light the subject with colour as well.
I'd suggest you try to work with real smoke some time and really analyse it's behaviour with light and objects, and when you want to composite smoke you remember how it would have behaved in reality, and already light the shot as if there was smoke in there.
Hope this helps.