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Very nice image but as far as comps go this is as easy as it gets.

Why does the perceived difficulty of the composite influence the quality of the image?

In this competition judging a composited image the mastery of the compositing is absolutely a factor.

I disagree, none of the other competitions have ever been graded on the "difficulty" of the shot, nor do people typically vote that way. It may play a small role, but personally compositing an image is a million times easier than getting the same thing in camera... or impossible to get in camera...

I think just because previous competitions haven't been graded on the difficulty of the shot, that doesn't automatically mean this particular one can't be.

Also compositing done well i.e so it is impossible to tell, is a difficult skill to master. Not many can execute it to a world class standard - just have a look at the majority of the submissions.

Comparing a composited image to capturing the same thing in camera is irrelevant as many were never intended to be captured in a single photo. I.e. not being able to capture an image in camera on the day isn't the sole reason for making a composite. Many images are taken beyond our reality.

The compositing execution and therefore the overall standard of the image should determine the final score and has to be be taken into account when critiquing and providing a 1-5 star rating.

I think the more difficult the composite is and if well executed, for me that is for more impressive than the above image - i do like this shot though and would rate it higher if it were in a black and white category or commercial etc.

Hi Brandon, first of all thanks for your visit, g coll have a point here. Even if the composites not judged by the difficulty of its making process, yet you can't stop but thinking how some images were created which requires vision and P.S skills. Perhaps its in between matter. I would for sure admire great complex work. I like mine because its simple and elegant and most importantly to be printed for my wall, which i did and love. Again Brandon thank you and i really do agree that composite images are indeed easier to make than in camera, lot of factors play roll in the image making

Cant agree more, honestly im still learning and also this composite wasnt meant for competitions, i have printed this on my wall. Discovered the competition by luck, said why not, i know it wont compete with others creative work, which i admire them