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3.27 - "Solid" 

I wanted to practice my compositing skills, so I shot some photos of my wife and a motorcycle that I had at the time. Beforehand, I went and shot some photos of various alleys in the downtown area near our house. I wanted the image to feel much more moody than the originals, which included a ton of painting in extra light and details to achieve that. I recorded the whole process from start to finish and posted it online here...

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Your wife is lucky to have you. Very moody with such beautiful implementation of color tones here CJ

Nice quick video showing how you did it. Thanks

Nice colors and tones! It passes the believability test for me too which is often the most difficult part, especially with lots of light painting, etc. If I had to say anything I feel like she should be moved slightly more towards the center of the frame.

Things that hit me the most. She seems a little small compared to the windows and environment, the motorcycle is like 5 feet away so too small. Better if in the back more to match the size and the buildings in the distance should be out of focus more. Color tones are really nice though so good work.

I wish there were a bit more room on the right but otherwise a really nice comp.