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Submit your best image taken on a seamless background for a chance to win a free Fstoppers tutorial.
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2.6 - "Solid" 

This was one of my first attempts at doing Splash Photography. I think that's what it's called. The background was white, and I used a couple of Godox lights to create this effect on the background.

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It’s fun trying new techniques.

Are the white dots reflections? The top one looks like a slightly distorted partner portrait 🙂

It definitely is, and messy. Yes, it was a Godox light I wanted to add a little more dynamic to it. I did try removing the reflection, but it wasn't easy, so decided to leave it.

I learnt with catch light (flash reflection) in portraiture, it is a good thing to have in the eyes, so I thought, bugger it lol.

I have had a look at it and I do wish I dropped the wine glass at an angle maybe, would have given it more of a reason to be there if that makes sense.

Thanks for the comment too :)

I think if the bottom one wasn’t so big it if would feel more like catch light.

My attitude is it’s best to try things, enjoy the process and be happy with your results. Continue to enjoy your shooting

Yeah I see what you mean. I did improve on this on my next attempt. But it's not a Seamless Background so didn't add it on here lol. Check my profile out if you like. It's got a wooden background and the other one has a dark blue background.

If this is a technique you were to explore further at some time consider drying your surface between shots. I mean, it looks like you’ve captured the beginning of a great disturbance of the liquid but the table is already wet. Which doesn’t quite compute. All the best with it

Thanks. :)