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2.06 - "Needs Work" 

Rich Melton test, shot for GlobalSystems1 Management

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Er, those undershorts are conveying a little too much information for me.

Yeah, talk about shooting RAW to capture the most data hahahaha.

I’m sorry the human body, even covered, is so harrowing. I based my editing choices on what’s represented in the male underwear model advertising campaigns of major brands, and to a degree the fact I didn’t feel like custom contouring him 25x in a row for the fun of it, being that it was an initial model test shoot for trade. Were there a client, I’m sure they would have a preference of presentation, so to say.

My regrets - I didn't meant to rake up a fuss.

I found the, er, presentation in the image closer to "bordering on tastelessness" than "harrowing." I guess my initial comment didn't convey that shade of meaning clearly enough, nor my intention that it be taken as a joke.

It is something that some clients might have an issue with, and my remark was also meant to bring that possibility to your attention. Since you entered this image into a contest for evaluation and critique; I felt comfortable putting forward what I intended as constructive, if humorously worded, criticism.

No fuss, and critique is fine. However, my decision was based on the market for the type of shot, not whether it reflected my personal tastes. I would love to shoot a CK underwear ad campaign, though personally my tastes would vary for what I’d hang on my wall.

There’s a wide gap between your first and second comments’ messages. Were someone to offer a life drawing critique worded as “Your drawing is ok, but the model is too naked for me lol” it would have no value for the artist, or the class, and from my perspective the context would be similar. Your mileage may vary.

I learned a fun trick from Vander Pump Rules... give him a sock haha I'd also pump the clarity and add a touch more contrast. His skin looks a little too soft.


Really like your use of soft light here. It feels casually masculine without the hard edges. But it's also pretty with a bedroom feel so I get that people aren't used to seeing this. (Though no one has problems with a woman's pelvis straight to camera.) As for the other thing, you can fix bulges in post. And unless you're shooting him in a thong, the model can wear a spaghetti strap thong underneath non-shear briefs for consistency across poses.

Overall, thumbs up.