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There seems to be some halo around the central mountain's edges.

Thanks for the comment Marcus! I did some last minute changes to this picture to increase the drama for this CTC and I think I overdarkened the sky, creating a slight halo and giving it a little bit of an unnatural feel. I didn't notice until I looked at it again on a different screen. I'll have to dial back some of those edits.

Great photo, wheres the location?
Really wish the cloud cover diffused the sunlight in the top right just a touch more though! Just to take the edge off that super white coming through.

Thanks JD! I think there are still some issues with the edit to iron out, but glad you like it.

It was taken on a backpacking trip in Glacier National Park. Yeah, the right side of the sky is a bit weird. I think It’s mostly because I was there during the forest fires that engulfed much of the west side of the park last year. This was one of the clearer days we had, but there was still a lot of smoke and haze that made this strange sort of pea soup atmosphere and made the sky look odd. There’s another picture on my profile that I think conveys what I’m talking about better. All the haze has made it difficult for me to find a natural-looking edit to this shot.