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1.86 - "Needs Work"

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1 Comment

Steven de Vet's picture

Not a bad shot at all!, gave it a 2 as I do feel there is some work.

My observations;

Just "the top of a tree" isn't a very interesting thing to have in the foreground or as a foreground interest. Perhaps find a more interesting location, a nice building, a nicer tree, a mountain, something else.
+The 2 little branches in the lower right of the frame also distract.

the star trails do look pretty nice in the middle. But at the edges they turn into dotted lines instead of a nice flowing line, perhaps you had a small delay in between shots?
(Also, every trail has a little 2 dot star-thing at the start or end of the trail, maybe you kept the first 2 "test" shots in the sequence. Taking those out would have cleaned up the trails)

As for the airplanes... I'm conflicted.. on one hand I like the story that it tells. On the other, I find it distracting and a bit cluttered.