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2.74 - "Solid" 

Shot taken on the way to Point Reyes in a early morning.

Instagram @a1mosthere

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i think this is almost a perfect composition. i have very little to complain. the DOF in front smoothing off the monstrous bark lovely.. i feel the camera could be slightly moved to get a bit distance from the trees, but that would probably hurt the entire composition. the mushrooms did not find a perfect position, maybe turning the scene slightly to the left while walking to the right could replace them while keeping the rest. i give it 4 stars.

Thank you for writing me this long comment. I really appreciate it! You could be right to move the camera a little to the right so that the mushroom can stand out a bit more.

I think it is perfect as is. Really interesting and well done.

Thank you!

In an effort to offer more feedback for my ratings, I am posting some constructive criticism - I feel differently about the composition of this image, which is why I rated it lower than I would have. To me, the framing is the trees in the foreground, highlighting the mist and trees past the lake. I don't know why the peeking through on the right of the image was included - I find it distracting from the natural frame of the inner parts of the two tree trunks. I think cropping the right bit would have tremendously helped the composition and highlighted the subject. It is already a very interesting location, so nothing lacking there. Exposure looks great.

I did try to crop the right trunk but I just don't feel like it. The left trunk is already half cropped and looking much thicker than the right one. If I crop the right, the image will be unbalanced.