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1.81 - "Needs Work" 

Fog isn't an every day thing in the neighborhood. And the sunlight to illuminate that fog is even more rare. Sure, i could've hoped for a more interesting subject for these rays but you take what you can get, right? Maybe I should be expecting an important message...

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Hi Kurt. The mailbox is the subject and you captured an interesting light.
You could build upon that both photography and picture wise.
Get rid of background distractions. Those branches (lower fstop) and the wall are not nice to look at (maybe tighter crop). The light does not fall directly on the mailbox. So although you made your composition so that it is the main subject, the light in your picture is not fully supporting it.
And although the light is more interesting than usual it’s just a mailbox. Add a person to it, put a flash inside the mailbox. Tell a story and create a picture instead just taking one. So again, something to build upon, get rid of what is distracting and add things which enhance the story.

Hope that helps.


Again, thank you very much for your comments. Looking back on the series of pictures this one came from, I'd have to say that I was in almost the right place at nearly the right time, and made the best of what I was given. Of course, the crop and adjustments that came in post could have been done differently or even better.