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1.62 - "Needs Work" 

Those are the woods where I spent a significant amount of my childhood in, mostly playing with my sister and cousins, exploring the flora and fauna, got stuck in a mud hole so my cousin got to get my dad, etc.

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No subject? Not even a snapshot.

In my mind the smaller tree in the center was the subject in between the other big trees.

The main idea was for it to be grim, cold, and dizzly like when Hensel and Gretel got lost in the woods.

But fair enough it doesn't seem to connect with people (here) and I will try harder next time.

If you played around with the color of the leaves on your "subject" tree - that might make it stand out a bit.
Also, there's something about lines that enter and exit the frame that makes it feel like an edge of the photo and I should disregard anything past it.... does that make sense? In this case the closest tree trunk feels like it cuts the image into a large piece and a small piece and I instinctively want to ignore the small piece - which is distracting.
If you could see some grass at the bottom of the trunk - like all the other trees, i think it would break that tension.
Oh and I wonder what this would look like with a shallow depth of field focusing on that subject tree. The background slowly going out of focus could add some mystery and mood. Those weeds in the foreground would be out of focus and really emphasize depth.
Cool vibe though. Keep up the good work man.