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2.34 - "Needs Work" 

Artificial Haze and Headlights

Ford GT 350 vs GT

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I like to overall picture. I think it is not really fitting this contest at all though. I feel like the vignette on the flags is a bit strong and actually is dividing the flag some what. Nice cars for sure, why not turn on the lights for real?

Thanks for the comment, the reason I entered it is for the artificial haze added in post, it is very subtle so maybe its not showing up as prominent as I intended.

I could see how the vignette might be a little strong. I was going for a dramatic lighting effect, this image was a big experiment creating artificial lights in post.

I didn't have the lights on when I took the shot because it wasn't part of the original plan for the final image.

These cars belong to a friend of a friend. We are going to print it out large 24" x 48" for his garage.

It just looks like this was not a very spontaneous picture, so even if you want to play around with have and lights later why not take the time to take a picture with the light on and off as well so you can decide later what you like best and also have reference when you create the lights in PS later.
But I am sure someone with an emotional attachment to the cars will like this picture quite a lot either way.

Not spontaneous, but time constrained due to the location... I took several shots from other positions and perspectives. But thats a good idea for next time. Should always get the shot with and without lights.