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2 - "Needs Work" 

A bit of light painting on the blue ice in front of the Mackinac Bridge in northern Michigan.

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So whoever just rated this a one, snapshot, why not comment? Is it a great photo? No. Is it perfect? No. (I don't like perfect, nothing is perfect) So why not comment and tell why its just a snapshot? Come on, stand behind your rating.

There is sadly always some dickhead that gives out one star votes no matter how good an image is. They 100% will be a crap, talentless photographer there is no doubt. I have had it happen to me on images that were chosen for the critique and given 4 stars (or a 3 from Patrick which is a really high accolade :-)). I like this Bryan, love the light painted ice, a 3 from me. I would have bracketed, then blended the exposures to stop the highlights burning out as much.

Ya, its all good. I don't take it serious. I wish it was required to leave a comment when voting. I always try to leave a comment. I agree on the highlights. I was not careful enough dealing with it.

I agree with what Lee said in the last critique though that making comment leaving when voting mandatory would just deter people from voting at all. It would be nice though if people did give some justification. I am a great believer in democracy and freedom of speech/choice, however it does have it's downsides.