Sarah Moon: The Master's Thoughts

Sarah Moon is an icon, without a doubt. Her work has been an inspiration to me from the beginning of my career. She's a soulful and deep artist and has certainly earned her spot as one of the top "100 most influential photographers." That's why hearing her explain the chaos of her mind while she shoots is such an amazing experience for me. It's the very same chaos that I experience, and I bet you do too.

The line "afraid to lose 1/125th of a second" flat out gives me goosebumps, but the thought I take away when the video ends is simple, and phenomenally important.

Great photographs are made by letting go and existing in the moment.

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BertoGarcia's picture

Me parece genial jugar con la fotografia y darle un toque diferente

produced by ARTE series called Contacts.

is this legal ? copyrights an such...

The moment that got to me was when she described the feeling of letting the model down, of feeling guilty, then pressing the button; not because the moment is right, but because of the guilt of not doing it.

This describes the beginning of almost every shoot I do. Almost as soon as I start, I lose my way, am disappointed with what I am seeing, and essentially have to mentally start again.

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lovely post. Reminds me of my favourite photographer explaining his process William Klein: i love his "life of a photographer-even a great photographer: 2 seconds"

Thanks for the post! Sarah Moon's pictures are amazing... I found some beautiful Sarah Moon's works in Art Days, here is the link! Enjoy!