The Discontinuation of Fuji 3000b Instant Film by Fujifilm

The Discontinuation of Fuji 3000b Instant Film by Fujifilm

Currently the only black and white instant film available in the 3×4 size is the Fujifilm 3000b, and it's being discontinued. Yes, you read that right. One of the single most popular instant films will no longer be around. The photography industry isn't a stranger to films being discontinued. It happened with Kodak, so it was only time before it trickled to other manufacturers.

The thing is, Fuji is alive and kicking. They're producing amazing cameras and if you head into any Urban Outfitters they're sure to have a stack of Fujifilm Instax in the corner. So if they're still producing new film cameras, and film to go in those cameras, why are they discontinuing a film that fits a ridiculously large amount of older cameras? Yes, photographers are sprouting up all over getting their new flashy DSLRs, but what about those of us that have been in the industry for awhile? Lately there's a new trend forming, and it's a film trend. Wedding photographers are starting to take their film cameras and adding them into their wedding day. So in turn they're using more and more film. Yet Fuji is discontinuing it? They might not currently be seeing a steep increase in sales, but I bet it's going to start rising back up. Do you think they'll end up kicking themselves?

Photographer Michael Smith heard about the rumor and emailed a rep with Fujifilm. This morning he received this response:

"Please be advised that FP-3000B is being discontinued, as a result of decreases in world-wide global demand. We know that the discontinuation of a well-loved and long established product can be difficult to adjust to. We appreciate your interest in this product, and will be reporting your comments."

He then, received another response later:

"FP-3000B will be discontinued by the end of 2013, with the last remaining products likely being distributed by next Spring. Unfortunately we are unable to provide specific information regarding dates or availability, nor contact information for any specific departments for further information. Presumably more concrete information will be released publicly in the near future."

To try and combat the issue he started a petition. If you're one of those photographers who loves film, shoots 3000b all the time or even shoots it once a year, sign the petition to keep it alive and going. Photographers like Nick Radford are already stocking up on anything they can get their hands on. Yes, this is a picture of his passenger seat from today shortly after he found out about the update.


Image by Nick Radford


Here are a couple shots I was able to pull from some photographers real quick with their help to get the awareness out there.

Image by Jessica Fey


Image by Daniel Johansson


Image by Ryan Muirhead 


Seriously people if you have any love for nostalgia or want to have the option to use 3000b in the future, sign the petition. If you're afraid they wont listen be sure to pick some up from B&H or Amazon. The only other place you will be able to grab an instant black and white film will be the Impossible Project, but they do not currently have a 3x4 option.

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it's been "discontinuated"?

say it aint sooooooooo :(

The reason there is no demand is that nobody (outside of instant film) knows it exists. Pay to have an old Land camera used on a popular show with Fujifilm showcased. Motorola did it for years with cell phones (only the good guys used Moto). Microsoft has tried (poorly) to do that with Vampire Diaries. One of the characters "binged" for some info in the net.

Put some crack-n-peel on the crime shows, can't fake the evidence! Show Brad Pitt using FP-3000 on his kids and the nobody will be able to keep in stock.

Exactly, market it! More people would use it if they knew it was available.

Unfortunately unless the petition has multiple, large, purchase orders attached to it, I wouldn't expect much. If it's not selling, I can't blame them for discontinuing it.

Sad to see, but I appreciate the quick information. Just bought 4 boxes.

I have a pack in my freezer now... if its nice I will try to snag some more i guess :/

I have actually heard it is a bad idea to freeze this stuff, non-instant film is ok but not instant. I could be wrong for now mine is in the frig.

Good to know! I will have to look into that... I haven't had any problems yet and realistically all my instant film has been bought new. I'm just paranoid!

I love this film!

Have there been any updates about this? I have a fridge full of the stuff, but still. . . It's my favorite and I hate to see it go. . .