Impossible Project App Integrates iPhone and Polaroid

Impossible Project App Integrates iPhone and Polaroid

Since 2008, The Impossible Project has kept the Polaroid flame alive with their line of instant films. Today, in the Apple app store, they've released version 1.2 of an iPhone app designed to integrate mobile photography with analog instant film. The features allow for instant digitization and photo sharing for your Polaroid prints as well as a way of making Polaroid prints from iPhone captures with their soon-to-be-released Instant Lab.

The free iOS-only app precedes the launch of an Instant Lab by Impossible, a portable lab similar to Polaroid's original compact Day Lab. What began as a kickstarter campaign and was displayed back in late September 2012 at Photokina is essentially a light-tight box that captures your iPhone image onto analog Impossible film.



The mobile app also allows you to very easily create a digital file of any of your instant prints and then share them in the Impossible's mobile photo gallery, an analog instagram of sorts. Finally, the app allows for one-stop shopping when it comes time to resupply on color shade or silver shade films.

You can download the app here and watch a video of the Instant Lab on The Impossible Project's web site.

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