From Start To Finish, See How Kodak Film Is Made

With film photography growing more and more popular by the day, it's becoming more common to see film on the shelves at camera shops. This video visits Kodak to show us all how Kodak's film is made. 

In this video, Studio C-41 visits the Kodak headquarters and plant in Rochester, New York. They give a brief introduction to George Eastman, the founder of Kodak, and then proceed to walk us through the process of how film is made. I must say that I found it very interesting. For as long as I've been shooting film — from the 90s, when I first started out and film was still all the rage, to the more recent years when film has been experiencing a revival — I didn't know very much about the process of manufacturing film.

Given the degree to which film has been seeing a revival, manufacturing of film has seen a challenge in keeping up with demand. The benefit, of course, is that some of these manufacturers have been reviving older emulsions to expand their lineup. This video offers a unique glimpse into a process and hard work that most of us take for granted. 

For those that are interested in podcasts, Studio C-41's podcast interviews contemporary photographers and businesses in the analog photography industry. If you're interested in more details than what was covered in the video, this is their specific podcast episode on their visit to Kodak. 

Feature image is provided by Steven Wallace, a co-host of Studio C-41.

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Madison is a mathematician turned statistician based out of Columbus, OH. He fell back in love with film years ago while living in Charleston, SC and hasn't looked back since. In early 2019 he started a website about film photography.

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Neat, thanks. Ilford also have a factory tour which shows you how they make their black and white film.


If people were interested in Kodak, maybe they'd be interested in ilford too.