Why Is the Leica M6 Such a Popular Camera?

The Leica M6 is a classic film camera that’s going to set you back well over two grand before you even attach a lens to it. What is it about this camera that makes it so desirable?

Film aficionado Jason Kummerfeldt of grainydays has been using his Leica M6 extensively over the last three months and has been trying to figure out what it is about this small, black box that differentiates it so dramatically from other small, black boxes. A camera won’t necessarily make you take better photographs, but there’s something to be said about how a body feels in the hand, the tactility of the shooting experience, and how that can shape your image-making process.

Given that the M6 is a small camera with a minimalistic feel, you wonder if there is something visceral about the design that just simply works. Or maybe it’s the fact that when you spend so much money on a camera, you are investing further into the purchase with every single click of the shutter button.

If you appreciate a dry sense of humor, best not to watch this video while drinking coffee.

What do you think makes the M6 so special? Let us know in the comments below.

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Wendell Cheek's picture

Enjoyed the review! Have never found a rangefinder to be the best suited for my work, but love the look and feel of a Leica. Having started my journey with an Exacta VX, on to the Nikon Ftn, and on to the D850 over a period of 50 years, with innumerable bodies in between, the SLR just fits. I like to think, that if I lived in a big city, and street photography were my passion, the Leica would be also.

Alexander Petrenko's picture

Is the Leica M6 Such a Popular Camera?

Dan Jefferies's picture

9 out out of all 10 film buffs love it and three have bought it so yea...

Brandon Hopkins's picture

Yeah, just look up "Leica M6" on youtube and see how many videos come up.