Adorama Trigger Happy, Published Nikon D4s HD-SLR Specs on Since-Deleted Page

Adorama Trigger Happy, Published Nikon D4s HD-SLR Specs on Since-Deleted Page

It looks like Nikon is about to unveil its updated version of the D4 at The Photography Show in Birmingham, UK this upcoming March, but with slightly unexpected specs. According to an Adorama page just taken down, there are a few rumored improvements for the D4s that Nikon users can anticipate.

For all you pixel-peepers, maybe the most noteworthy change is the jump in megapixels. The D4s is to have a whopping 24 as opposed to the D4's 16, something our friends at Nikon Rumors contend is likely a mistake.


But if true, I'd anticipate the D4s to have a larger sensor and a heavier body than the D4's mere 41.6 ounces. Adorama was listing the CMOS Sensor to have the same 36.0x23.9mm dimensions as the D4.

Likewise, the D4's 51 Point AF is listed, but I'd anticipate this to be an area where the D4s can improve when compared to Canon's 5D Mark III's absurd 61 AF. I guess there are more points that can be auto-locked!


The HD-SLR is listed to shoot 11FPS. Considering what technology can do, that is quite the feat, but not much of an improvement from the D4's listed 10FPS. In fact, comparing the two camera's tech specs, the D4 is capable of 11FPS when AE/AF is locked.

In terms of the video quality, again, Adorama did not have anything differentiating the D4s from the D4. But if the Nikon body is going to be an HD-SLR, this is where the improvements are going to be. The D4 already boasts HD quality with stereo sound (HD 1,920x1,080/30 fps; HD 1,920x1,080/24 fps; HD 1,280x720/30 fps; HD 1,280x720/60 fps). So I would be interested to see where Nikon goes from there.

It goes without saying that the eight additional megapixels on the D4s are going to make its pricetag jump well over the D4's listed $5,999. I'd expect Nikon to keep its reputation of improving its product upon new releases, so who knows what part of the D4's body is going to be improved. Judging from the D3's improvements seen on the D3s, we can only anticipate improved tech specs.

What do you think? We tend to really trust Nikon Rumor's sources, but would Adorama really make an error? Based on our knowledge of how sellers work, they get info direct from sellers and do not edit it at all. If this was a mistake, it would be highly unusual.

[Via Nikon Rumors]

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if it were accurate, why would they take it down? And if they took it down because Nikon doesn't want them to publish it, it seems to me they would have known before that Nikon doesn't want them to publish specs early, . . . i would have to guess that Nikon Rumors is right, . . . with way, I will be ordering one to go with my D4 and D800

Worst article yet from fstoppers. Great job!

I think you meant D3, right?

"Judging from the 3D’s improvements seen on the 3Ds, we can only anticipate improved tech specs."

I think a change that big would be a model change to D5... I imagine it will be minor tweaks like 4k video which is in the Canon rival - I have a D4 tweaks won't make me rush out for the latest.. have to make this one pay first!!

quote :"I’d anticipate the D4s to have a larger sensor ..."
Regular FX lenses would do the same to a larger sensor as what DX lenses do to FX sensors.

The D4s seems a bit pointless to me. D4 delivers outstanding low light capabilities and D800E is the perfect tool when resolution matters. What hole in Nikons lineup does the D4s plug ?

it appears that they are doing a minor revision, and replacing the previous version, and the product will be priced the same.

It "plugs" the D4 hole. The D4 is being discontinued.

kenrockwell "reviewed" the D4s with 24MP...Just saying

Rockwell ??.....hahahaa...don't make me laugh !

A joke I think not. I would say he has to be filtered. To say hes a joke as a whole is not correct. What have you done with your life to be listed/ranked top in google for education?

You do know that Ken Rockwell is quite the laughing stock to most professional photographers, right? I don't care what his Google page ranking is because anyone who listens or follows Rockwell is usually amamateurs which WOULD increase his google page ranking. Rockwell is good for a person just starting out in photography but otherwise a straight up joke.

Haters gonna hate. Your opinion might be worth something if you were a nationally recognized personality.

And, maybe also if you could spell amateur properly. ;)

Right, so if it's written on the internet, it must be true. No body's hating on Rockwell, the man is just not a professional photographer. You must not be either.

Look up the definition of non sequitur. No, really. I just want to make sure you know how completely illogical "you must not be either" is. Troll.

Exactly how am I a troll, Jenkins? Just because I (and many others on here) don't agree with your opinion? Seriously, what do you have going on there dude? Are you gonna bash me and call me a troll just because you can't debate your side of an argument?

Not at all. Stating that I'm not a pro photog simply because I made a statement supporting Rockwell makes you a troll.

I couldn't care less if you or anyone else takes my side of an argument.

No Jenkins, I saw your work. You need to work on exposure.

The logic is: You need to work on exposure.

Nobody is hating. Read his review on the D4s. Rockwell recites like it's he's already tested it and run it through it's paces. the bottom, he puts in his little disclaimer that he really is just guessing. This is irresponsible and anecdotal at best. He is interested in one thing.....selling his opinion.

And that's exactly why Ken Rockwell is a joke.

"Top in Google" ?? You cannot be serious. This is be "top in google" ?? Time to get a grip folks.

Oh, thank God...I was afraid people actually listened to Rockwell. I've been an SLR/DSLR enthusiast for over 35 years. I grew up with great adoration for Herbert Keppler's knowledge and approach to reviewing gear. Ken Rockwell has gone insane.

Whether it's 24mp or not, Rockwell is a straight up joke....

The only thing that's a joke is that your jealousy of his success causes you to be so hateful.

I don't think anyone asked for your input.

Anyone who opens their mouth against someone like Rockwell, who clearly understands business, photography and education at an extremely high level, betrays their own deficiencies and insecurities. You don't see Joe McNally or Scott Kelby talking bad about him, do you?

Shut your mouth and worry about your own success.

Are you out of your mind? Look at all the comments above, PLUS, go and GENUINELY ask what people think about Ken Rockwell on any forum, or at any camera shop. The dude collects gear. That's it. He's a gear nerd. His photos are NOTHING more than any other amateur photographer could churn out. His website is LARGELY about photo gear, and not (as much) about how to actually shoot, and see light, and look at the world, etc. HIS BUSINESS IS RUNNING HIS WEBSITE.....NOT BEING A PHOTOGRAPHER.....

Also, how about you ready the very first paragraph on his "about" page....

This website is my way of giving back to our community. It is a work of fiction, entirely the product of my own imagination. This website is my personal opinion. To use words of Ansel Adams on page 193 of his autobiography, this site is my "aggressive personal opinion," and not a "logical presentation of fact."

"Not a logical presentation of fact".....I'm PRETTY sure that's synonymous with "JOKE".....

Ken Rockwell has no "success"....Joe McNally and Scott Kelby, those guys actually used to SHOOT for a, they mainly teach, but their images are awesome...ACTUAL photos. Not just snapshots from La Jolla, CA, with the best gear you can buy.

Oh yeah, and you can't exactly go on a PUBLIC WEB FORUM and use the words "i don't think anyone asked for your input."...

Welcome to the Internets.

We're talking about someone neither of us know personally, nor have any personal interest in. So, obviously he has achieved at least some measure of success.

To a new photographer, he provides a ton of valuable info about the basics. Sure, a ton of his review content is comical, and his images are nothing stellar, but a "joke" he certainly isn't. Unless you're a condescending assclown.

Welcome to the Internet. Troll.

I don't think anyone asked for your input either, yet you seem awfully excited to throw it around.

I'll have to read it

If it is 24 megs, it would certainly make it a worthwhile upgrade, it's anything but as it's been rumored.

I still want a D800s. 36mp, 11fps, improved ISO, and more shooting options (24mp 14fps etc...)