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Articles written by Jack Viere

NYPD Officer Beats Videographer, Should Photographers Be Wary?

Tempers flared, rights were infringed, and violence ensued. Videographer Shawn Thomas exchanged heated words with NYPD Officer Efrain Rojas resulting in a unwarranted beatdown and arrest. The 10 minute clip depicts how quickly the controversy escalated over a simple camera phone, which apparently cost Thomas a bloodied lip from the police officer.

Politician Reported to Have Spent Nearly $165,000 on Photography Expenses

Over the past three years, the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs minister, Eamon Gilmore, was reported to have spent €119,284 on photography. We members of the photography community may think, “So what?” but that's a whopping $163,408 US dollars, in a world that seems to be discouraged with paying photographers their dues.

No Photoshop Needed for Jennifer Lawrence

And of course she pulls it off! There are so many articles online right now that are in a fuss over how manipulative Photoshop editing can be. Check out Fstopper's post on how Women React to Being Photoshopped As Cover Models if you don't believe me. It's not uncommon for print work to be heavily retouched by some of the best in the world, Jennifer Lawrence show's it's not needed with her latest untouched shoot.

Adorama Trigger Happy, Published Nikon D4s HD-SLR Specs on Since-Deleted Page

It looks like Nikon is about to unveil its updated version of the D4 at The Photography Show in Birmingham, UK this upcoming March, but with slightly unexpected specs. According to an Adorama page just taken down, there are a few rumored improvements for the D4s that Nikon users can anticipate.

Gritty Film Causes Controversy Over America's Youth

Back in October 2013, I went to the Philadelphia Film Festival and was lucky enough to catch the documentary film 12 O'Clock Boys, by Lofty Nathan. After the film debuted, Nathan answered some of the audience's questions. One of the most controversial questions asked was how race played a factor while shooting in a predominantly black neighborhood.