Are Nikon’s APS-C Cameras Starting To Disappear From the Market?

Are Nikon’s APS-C Cameras Starting To Disappear From the Market?

Is Nikon winding down its production of DX cameras or is the shortage of bodies available from retailers simply a result of supply chains affected by the global pandemic and a huge factory fire?

Nikon Rumors has noted that Nikon D5600 bundles are out of stock at retailers such as B&H Photo. There’s a similar situation with the D7500, and the entry-level D3500, typically just shy of $600 when purchased with an 18-55mm kit lens and an SD card and released mid-2018, is also marked as “More on the Way.”

Like most manufacturers, Nikon has experienced problems with its supply chain as a result of the global pandemic during the last year, with the D6 perhaps the most notable camera affected having seen its launch pushed back from March 2020 to May 2020. While Nikon’s lineup is in a period of transition as it rolls out more mirrorless cameras, it might be that global supply chain issues might be more of a factor.

In addition, the huge fire at the AKM Semiconductor factory in Japan in December has almost certainly impacted the availability of components, further disrupting Nikon’s manufacturing processes.

The fact that the DX cameras are listed as being available in 2-4 weeks is perhaps confirmation, though stock shortages have been known to pre-empt discontinuations in the past. Nikon Rumors notes that the kit lens for D5x00 and D3x00 is now listed as an “Old product” on Nikon’s own website, potentially an early sign that if production of lenses has ceased, DX bodies might soon follow.

It’s rumored that Nikon has an entry-level mirrorless APS-C arriving in the near future, sitting below the Z 50 and replacing the company’s D3x00 line of cameras, and potentially lacking an EVF.

What is the future for entry-level APS-C cameras? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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M C's picture

The future is Fuji!

Doriano Ciardo's picture

First the history of factories in Taiwan. Then this one today. Before that, years ago American Nikonists and Euorpeians pissed off about the antics of the D600 and then D880. Last year many millions of dollars lost on the stock market. Could it be that they will end up like Olympus? Without forgetting that armies of Nikonists have switched to Sony. What fools.

jim hughes's picture

A camera without a viewfinder. Brilliant. I buy a camera so I can look like a total tool, holding it out in front of me and futilely trying to see what I'm doing in bright daylight. Hey I already have a phone for that use case.

Matt Williams's picture

I noticed recently that the Canon 40/2.8 STM seems to have completely disappeared. Can't buy it at Adorama, B&H, Amazon...

And that's a full-frame lens and not exactly a niche one either...

Cameron Weir's picture

Taking a look at Nikon's Japan website they are only showing the D7500 and the D500 DX camera bodies as current models, the D3500 and the D5600 are now both showing as an old product.