The Best APS-C Camera Ever Made? A Review of the Fujifilm X-T4

Fujifilm’s X-T4 has been seen by some as an incremental progression over its predecessor, the X-T3, and if you’re a stills shooter that doesn’t need advanced autofocus performance, that might well be true. This excellent review runs through the features and explains why it might be a worthy upgrade.

Chris Niccolls and Jordan Drake of DPReview bring a wealth of experience to their review of the X-T4 and, suffice to say, they’re impressed. As the video makes clear, this is definitely not a turkey.

The X-T3 was hailed as one of the best APS-C cameras ever made, and perhaps one of the significant advantages of the arrival of the X-T4 is that the X-T3 has dropped in price. With the deals available right now, you can pick up the X-T3 from B&H Photo for a mere $1,199 — $300 less than its regular asking price of $1,499.

After rumors that the X-H series of cameras might have run its course, Fujifilm fans are now excited by the prospect of an X-H2, which might be appearing in the next year or so. It will definitely contain the headphones jack that was stripped from the X-T4, but what else will it offer? Built-in waveforms, a full-size HDMI port, and a fully articulating screen? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Javier Gutierrez's picture

Not going to downgrade for an upgrade. When the XT-4 was announced, I was overjoyed. After all I have an XT-2, XT-3 X100F and now the very VERY Excellent 100V, which is a clear upgrade over the X100F and a tick below the XT-3. I attribute this to the lens in the X100V....But this is about my reason why I will not be upgrading to the XT-4. I also own Sony's A7R4, A7lll and the APS-C A6400 and A6500. I rate my A6400 above my XT-3 and lets not even begin to compare the XT-3 to the full frame Sony's. I would buy the A6600 well before I would buy the XT-4. More and better lenses and a lot less money. Lets not even begin to compare it to the Sony A7lll.. Even DPR stayed away from that the best they could...I love my Fuji cameras, especially the X100V, But make no mistake about it, they are not Sony...If Fuji could fix one thing, it would be the auto focus system. It lags well behind Sony Nikon and I am sure Canon as well (I do not own any canon mirror less or DSLR's). J peg quality out of the Fuji are the best out of the camera, but nothing that can't be made up in process.

I have many pictures with all the EXIF data intact in my flickr stream.

These are only my very amateur humble opinions from a very average or even below average street shooter.
Thanks for reading, Javier

Deleted Account's picture

I don't know much about street photography but they looked pretty good to me!

the dikiz's picture

"Even DPR stayed away" "It lags well behind Sony Nikon and I am sure Canon"
I feel that you jumped into commenting although you miss the point of this article/video: "best aps-c ever made"
There's no point in comparing with a7r4 or A73

Reyes Adobe's picture

Your reply gives me anxiety.

Spy Black's picture

Fuji needs to get over X-Trans. Either that, or give Fuji users a raw processor with the kind of capability you find in Capture One or Lightroom, including tools like tethering, made exclusively for their entire APS-C and medium format camera line, Bayer or X-Trans. Take a page from Phase One and roll their own for their own hardware exclusively.

Fuji has had a long history of unusual sensor designs, and actually I applaud them for thinking outside of the box, but they always lacked in effective raw processing and editing support for their unique sensors. If Fuji puts out a raw processor the likes of CO/LR, then I believe it would infuse a lot more confidence in people to use them, especially professionally. Fuji cameras have some of the best color output you can get from any camera.

Lionel Fellay's picture

Why the hell they put the stab in the Xt-4.... As a landscaper shooting on tripod with no moving subjects I'm staying with my T3 and have no reason to change until the next sensor and hope they will maintain stab only in xh series.


Can't it be turned off?

Lionel Fellay's picture

That's not the point, I was talking about the problem of size and Weight of the stab ... for people hiking a lot like me, that matter, and also the battery life.

Alexander Petrenko's picture
Les Sucettes's picture

Ridiculous to call the autofocus on Fuji “not advanced“.

Funny joke.

Joe Joe's picture

Pentax auto-focus is the definition of not advanced.

Momchil Yordanov's picture

Lately, pretty much all camera companies are selling us a) video, b) eye AF. If you are not interested in these much, just buy an X-T2 (yes, 2). It has the same IQ and pretty much the same ergonomics. In my part of the world an used one in excellent condition is exactly 30% of a new X-T4. Not a typo, more than 3 TIMES less money.