The Best Very Cheap Camera You Can Buy in 2020

Whether you want a great doorway into photography that has a low financial entry point, or back-up camera you're not scared to put at risk, this could be the camera for you!

As much as I love having a flagship camera body, I'm always a bit precious with them. The heartache I felt when I nearly killed one some years back when a large wave snuck up and wiped me out while I was taking seascapes is still fresh in my mind. I'm also extra careful when I'm out and about and have decided to take my camera, to the point where I am sometimes put off taking it with me because I don't want the worry.

For that reason, I've become interested in grabbing cheaper cameras that can still deliver good results and that wouldn't break my heart (and/or bank balance) if something were to happen to it. These cameras also double up as excellent first steps for people who have an interest in photography, but can't bring themselves to part with a huge chunk of cash to test the water.

In this video, Mattias Burling puts forward his entry to the best "very cheap" camera you can buy in 2020: Canon EOS 100D. I can buy the body only right now off U.K eBay for $200 used. For that tiny investment you get an 18 megapixel crop sensor with an alarmingly good spec. 

Do you think there's a better option for a (very) cheap but capable camera? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Ryan Ringstad's picture

This dudes videos always seem to send me down a 20 minute rabbit hole of eBay searches.

Robert Edwardes's picture

I always wonder what comes first the idea for the video or the finding of a well priced used camera set

Erpillar Bendy's picture

Waiting for someone to cry that this little camera is "crippled" because it doesn't have all of the features of the 1DXiii or A7Riv for $200.

Alexander Ramos's picture

I'm just happy that he has great comments for brands like Pentax and Olympus. :) That said, I do think Mattias is spot on regarding this recommendation.

dean wilson's picture

I guess the nifty-50 RF lens with the EOS RP will never name this list...[$2,299.00 & $999.99, respectively]

Patrick Rosenbalm's picture

I got a Rebel SL1 with 18-55 kit lens refurbished from Canon Direct Black Friday / Cyber Monday 2016 for $280 USD. I use it with a 55-250 STM quite a bit and I'm very pleased with the results regardless of specs. Hard to beat for the price. Robert is spot on!
Here's a couple shots with that combo from my Flickr account. The 55-250 is hard to beat for what it is!

Patrick Rosenbalm's picture

Thank you very much William!! ;-)

EDWIN GENAUX's picture

Please stop using the word "CHEAP" .... Great Value is better as a reflection of the future buyer. No one wants to cheapen themselves by holding something cheap = Def: charging or obtainable at a low price but I have always thought = of inferior quality or worth. I do not want something of inferior quality or worth. Example I paid in 2010 about $800 ($949 today) for a Canon T2i and today yes a BARGAIN at $159. For a start camera for someone it is great, I still use it with both kit lenses. The images are great!!! To train and perfect a future great eye most Photographers have to start somewhere and great value in their hands as seen by others is better for the mindset and when moving up "great value" will be what they will look for again. Like a NEW car once off the lot it loses its dollar value and now used BUT no less cheaper for it still roars down the road. Not everyone young can afford that shiny $1-2K camera (or even more). My best advice always is to hunt for a camera at an estate sale, a camera is always a great prize to have and is well kept by someone who cherishes it. Like today we pay big $$'s for a f/2.8 lens but I have f/1.4 and wider lenses from film cameras small that are super low $$'s but smaller and on a camera with IBIS, focus peaking and Zebras are they now not better than new, bigger with no screw on filter bulb lenses. And the filters have built in prisms for effects, that can hardly be found today due to digital programs. You still have fingers that can move a focus ring! So would you call them all CHEAP (of inferior quality or worth) or a "Great Value"? A Canon Ftb 1971 $100 would be like spending $638 today, so why do you pull $$ out for something " Value"