Cambo ACTUS View Camera Announced

Cambo ACTUS View Camera Announced

Cambo recently gave the world a sneak peek at a new compact ACTUS View Camera designed specifically for mirrorless cameras (perfect for the α7 series). This system features several improvements over their old X2 system as detailed below. The "core system" will reportedly include the bellows, bayonet, and a choice of Sony, Canon, or Nikon camera mount.

According to the press release the system, now in the final stages of development, is expected to ship in early July of this year and will be priced at around 1,500 ($2,040.75).


Below is the information provided on the official press release for the ACTUS View Camera:

Expanded Usability:

  • View camera movement for selective sharpness
  • Rear shift movement to stitch wider angle images
  • Focal plane shifts to increase file size
  • Rotation landscape / portrait built-in
  • Built-in macro extension
  • Interchangable bellows options.


Enhance Your Creativity:

  • Use tilts and swings to place exact sharpness where needed
  • Create selective optical unsharpness
  • Use more of the image circle of your lenses
  • Stich your images without changing the lens position
  • Focus closer and enlarge your subject without extension rings
  • Experiment with other system lenses and medium format lenses
  • Ideal for use on location, minimal size and weight



  • Size (L/W/H): 15 x 10 x 17 cm
  • Weight: Approximately 1,000 grams
  • Front swing: 360 degrees
  • Front tilt" 22 degrees
  • Rear shift vertical: 27 mm
  • Rear shift horizontal: 40mm
  • Focus travel: 125mm (Sony E), 145mm (Nikon F), 141mm (Canon EOS)
  • Lensplates: Copal 0, m39 Leica, Hasselblad C, Mamiya RZ/RB, Mamiya 645 Pro, Leica R
  • Colors: Black anodized, Titanium anodized

For a full rundown of the specs and updated information on pricing and availability check out the press release and the Capture Integration website.

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Spy Black's picture

Anything shorter than a 100mm lens is going to be awfully difficult to work with on that setup, methinks, unless you think in terms of cropped 4x5s. Also cheaper to throw your body on a standard 4x5 camera, which you can get pretty cheap nowadays:

Mr Blah's picture

Funny enough, on the CI website there is NO mention of this product yet...