Canon 5D Mk II

Canon 5D Mk II

Who It's For:

The Canon 5D Mk II has recently been replaced by the Mk III, but is still a viable camera for those who are looking for an incredibly powerful camera with excellent video capabilities. It may not have all of the new features of the Mk III, but it's still an excellent camera for a fraction of the cost of the new models.

What We Like:

Video: For a lot of people, this camera allowed for affordable video production with similar results to a high budget film shoot. This camera started the HDDSLR Revolution.

Stereo Sound: This camera is offers a stereo microphone.

Low Light Performance: While it's not going to stack up against the newer models, this is still a great camera for low light shooting.

Sensor: 21 Megapixels is more than almost anyone will ever need.

Weight:  While It's heavier than APS-C sensor Canon's, it's still easier to carry around than a big one series or the new Mk. III.

What We Don't:

Slow:  Both the AF and high speed capture are a little slow, but still usable.

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