Is Canon About to Release a Camera That Shoots Photos at 30 Frames per Second?

Is Canon About to Release a Camera That Shoots Photos at 30 Frames per Second?

One of Canon’s ambassadors has made a cryptic comment in one of his Instagram posts, saying that he is testing a new camera that shoots at 30 frames per second. So does Canon have something in the pipeline that’s about to out-muscle the Sony a9? As usual, the facts are a little murky. picked up on the fact that, according to his Twitter account, photographer Andy Rouse was out shooting wildlife using some “new kit” and that he wouldn’t be answering any questions as to what it was. Given that Rouse published various videos as a Canon ambassador shooting on a EOS R only a few months ago, many speculated that he might have his hands on a prototype from the Japanese manufacturer — perhaps something mirrorless, or perhaps an early version of the much-slated 1D X Mark III.

In a subsequent post, Rouse mentioned at the end of a caption that in order to shoot a particular tiger while exploring the Ranthambore National Park in India, he had to rein in his camera from 30 fps to 5 fps as he was “was taking too many sharp shots” (I hate it when that happens).

Perhaps understandably, those leaving comments immediately began asking what Rouse was shooting on, to which he responded, “It’s not Canon kit and wouldn’t be.” For all of those who love a good rumor, this is rather disappointing. Speculation as to what Canon is going to produce ahead of the Olympics in 2020 has been rife, with the Mark III iteration of the Canon 1D X creating plenty of chatter. With the a9 cranking out 20 frames per second, Canon is under pressure to bump up the speed from 14 frames per second. Mirrorless cameras seem to be pushing the boundaries recently with the Fuji X T3 churning out a rather beastly 30 frames per second but comes at the price of a 1.25x crop, and the successor to the Sony a9 is expected to offer something equally impressive, if not more so.

From Rouse’s comments, it seems that any excitement about a 30 fps Canon is a little premature. If you’ve any thoughts on this mystery, be sure to leave your comments below.

Lead image by Sayantan Kundu.

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Andy Day is a British photographer and writer living in France. He began photographing parkour in 2003 and has been doing weird things in the city and elsewhere ever since. He's addicted to climbing and owns a fairly useless dog. He has an MA in Sociology & Photography which often makes him ponder what all of this really means.

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Well, that was quite the clickbait...

He is no more a Canon ambassador he wents to Olympus... He is not concerned with Canon DSLR..
His personal instagram page leads directly to olympus UK's store and Olumpus Instgram page...

I doubt anyone would like to sort more than 10i/s bursts's totally sufficient to get the right shot. You will never miss a shot At 10i/s .. and 3 times less work to do when back the office.

Canon and Sony both have cameras with 30 and 60fps already, they're called video cameras. :)

Actually, they even do 240 fps

It's already know that he was testing a Olympus E-M1X.
In this Twitter post he puts the Olympus E-M1X with 300mm f4 and 1.4 TC next to a Canon of a friend.

The funny thing that before this he shared some nice results and nobody saw it was taken with a smaller sensor, even suggesting it was a Sony A9 or new Canon FF rig...

When people care more about the gear than the results

He changed the comment. It doesn’t say 30fps. And the plot thickens 👀