Canon Discusses the Future of DSLRs and Their Mirrorless Cameras

Canon Discusses the Future of DSLRs and Their Mirrorless Cameras

The photography community is at a bit of a crossroads, as manufacturers continue to make the transition from DSLRs to mirrorless cameras, and many might be wondering just what their plans are. Canon recently gave an interview and clarified what the future holds. 

The EOS R and its accompanying lenses has shown that Canon is taking mirrorless seriously, and to that end, many users might be wondering if the DSLR is on its way out. In speaking to EOS magazine, Canon clarified several points in a recent interview:

  • Canon will continue to produce DSLR cameras, as there is still a strong demand for them (surprisingly, they only recently phased out the EOS-1V (their last film camera)). 
  • In discussing a possible APS-C R system camera, Canon said it's not a priority since they have the M line and that their main focus with the R line is creating more lenses.
  • Canon is planning a full frame R camera priced below the RP.
  • It's not clear if they'll have a professional mirrorless camera ready in time for the 2020 Olympics (certainly, the 1D X Mark III will be there).

With Canon pushing ahead with three separate camera systems, it's certainly an interesting time for their users. 

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Jonathan Brady's picture

"The EOS R and its accompanying lenses has shown that Canon is taking mirrorless seriously"
Probably should be written... "RF lenses have shown that Canon is taking mirrorless seriously".
I agree they're taking it seriously and ultimately I think they'll dominate FF MILC as they have DSLR, but the EOS R is not impressive in most people's opinion - even those that have used it. That's not to say it's not a good camera. It just doesn't IMPRESS which I would equate with serious intent in this market. Lucky for them, their lenses are picking up the slack.

David Cannon's picture

A FF body priced below the RP?? Wow... I know it will have to be seriously stripped down, but that’s very interesting.

michaeljin's picture

If this is true, then it will be interesting to see how it affects the APS-C market. A full frame camera priced beneath the RP could be a very interesting value proposition. That being said, I can't imagine how much more stripped down a camera could get beyond the RP and still be marketable...

Keith Meinhold's picture

Sony A7II which compares favorably to the RP currently sells for $999. This competition is good for whatever system you own. Fully agree that at these prices APS-C is threatened across the board, sad, because I love the diminutive size and lenses of my APS-C camera.

Rob Davis's picture

I want a fully electronic global shutter that’s at least APS-C sized for stills and video.

Oliver Saillard's picture

No pro level camera before end of 2020/2021 ? Come on Canon, you're just missing a second SD slot to make it a pro camera.

The EOS RS will be awesome, until the Sony 7SIII comes out, if they anounce it first,,,, not that those are comparable the RS will have the advantage in resolution and the s3 will crush it in all other metrics. ergonomics is the only hope for that system. let's keep our fingers crossed. that would be the only camera that could make me switch back to canon...

Kirk Darling's picture

One thing you can always depend on from interviews with Canon officials is that you won't have validated anything that hasn't already been released.

Robert Nurse's picture

Whatever they say isn't set in stone and is subject to ($$$) change.