Canon Introduces Next-Day Service for CPS Platinum Members

Canon Introduces Next-Day Service for CPS Platinum Members

Photographers are generally a resourceful bunch, but if there's one thing that can bring them to a grinding halt, it's broken gear. Canon is seeking to minimize the inconvenience of such situations by introducing next-day service for qualified Canon Professional Services members.

While the DSLR vs. mirrorless battle rages on, one perk Canon and Nikon shooters like to bring up are the deeply established professional service programs of the companies, which do make it easier for working pros to get their gear serviced and back in their hands in quick time. I'm a CPS member myself and can attest that it's a very nice support net, plus the additional perks like free two-way shipping and equipment evaluation make for a no-brainer for a working pro. Building on this, Canon is launching their new next-day service at Photo Plus Expo this year (October 26-28), shortening equipment turnaround times for members. Platinum members will also receive next-day loaner gear for extended repairs, while gold members will now enjoy two-day turnarounds. CPS membership is available to working photographers and is based on levels of Canon gear owned; if you're a Canon shooter and interested, you can enroll here.

[via Canon Rumors]

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Johnny Rico's picture

I enjoy how Canon only considers you a professional if you own enough of their new gear. Does anybody know if platinum includes free shipping for Canon Maintenance Service?

I believe Platinum membership offers free shipping both ways.

I went through their points list just to see where I'd end up. I don't own a lot of high-end gear but was surprised that I quickly got to 44 points with just 3 eligible bodies, 4 eligible lenses, and 3 speedlights. You can become a silver member with just 10 points so a 7D1 (3 points) plus a 17-55 2.8 (8 points) makes you eligible with 10% to spare.

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Canon just opened a super duper service center in Burbank, CA and the Sony pro support center is ramping up in Los Angeles. Both companies are offering more pro services. Not sure what Nikon has going on in LA.

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This is simply a "rumour". I just got off the phone with them and they said they have heard nothing of "next day turnaround" for plat members anywhere in the world.

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It's not a rumor; it just isn't being launched until PPE. Canon had an official press release for this.