Canon Just Patented Some Insanely Fast Prime Lenses

Canon Just Patented Some Insanely Fast Prime Lenses

Canon’s move to mirrorless may have taken a while but the Japanese manufacturer certainly now seems intent on taking full advantage of the new flange distance. Patents for three new wide-angle primes have just been submitted and the specifications are a little bit crazy.

While Nikon has been busy creating its slightly bonkers 58mm f/0.95 lens, the research and development team at Canon has been busy with glass that’s a bit wider. As reported by Canon Watch, the patents are for two 18mm lenses — an f/1.2 and an f/1 — and a 25mm f/1.2. 

Of course, camera manufacturers register a huge volume of patents in order to protect their research and patents themselves cannot be taken as an indication that something is coming to market. However, this certainly shows what Canon is working towards, and it will be fascinating to see if a lens such as an 18mm f/1.0 would contain autofocus. The size and weight will also be interesting as wide-angle lenses are usually relatively cumbersome, and such a larger aperture will also add some girth.

Whether you’re a mirrorless convert or not, it's exciting that the reduced flange distance has given manufacturers the opportunity to unearth new potential for lens design, and Canon seems intent on pushing larger, more expensive, faster glass onto the market. Will the rest of the industry follow suit? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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Anyone know why that woman is in the lead image?

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Andy's silly article lead in graphics are getting a little old. Articles are great but I think over the top expressions are too much. I think it gives the article a cheap feel before you even read it. Even though the articles are not bad at all.

All his articles has very "expressive" images. Is his "style".

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Hey Canon, we would just like a 5D-series-equivalent camera body now so that we can move to that system and start enjoying all the great glass.

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More $8k lens ?

Patents are just legal bookmarks for a complex process taking an idea to market. Do we, the marketplace, need “insane” or ridiculous featured lenses at astronomical prices? I suffer from GAS occasionally, and I think I may be cynical. YMMV