Canon Patents More Interesting Lenses

Canon Patents More Interesting Lenses

Canon has produced some incredible RF mount lenses thus far, and they have shown they have no plans of slowing down. A new set of patents have emerged, and they show quite a versatile lens in the works. 

Canon Watch uncovered the patents recently, and they show three designs for new superzoom lenses: 

  • RF 24-300mm f/2.8-5.6 IS
  • RF 24-240mm f/2-5.6 IS
  • RF 40-350mm f/2.8-5.6 IS

During the DSLR years, Canon had the EF 28-300mm f/3.5-5.6L IS USM, which offered the versatility of a huge set of focal lengths with reasonable image quality and L series build quality and autofocus. While image quality was unsurprisingly not of the level of other L lenses due to the focal length range, the versatility made the lens popular for several applications. In fact, I'm friends with an AP photographer who still swears by the lens, adapting it to the EOS R3. Such lenses have made nice progress in both footprint and image quality recently, and I have no doubt an RF version would be a nice jump over the EF version. I would prefer to see one of the two 24mm options, as that will offer a lot more versatility over the 28mm wide end on the EF version, but either way, it will surely be quite a versatile lens. Hopefully, we will hear more soon.

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I am still in the "DSLR years" whatever the heck THAT means. My 5DSR ticks along just fine. The assumption that everyone is shooting mirrorless is just wrong. Mirrorless isn't better, just different. I have mirrorless and came back to DSLR.

I guess super zooms are a lot easier to manufacture and produce than a 50 mm 1.4. Maybe I had a Canon wrong, they are putting in the work... and one magical day we will actually get this mid-range lens update. Hell,1.4 primes for everybody! You get one, and you get one and you all get one....****

****Actually Canon cares about its customers so much that they won't even make it. Wtf.

Superzooms are becoming extremely popular (e.g. landscapes) and it makes very good sense for Canon to come out with a high quality L variety, if indeed that is their intention. Their current RF 24-240 F4-6.3 (non-L) does not have the sharpness, quality, and features most pros and serious hobbyists demand (such as AF/MF barrel switch). It's been way too long for Canon to do this and whatever lens is introduced, it will compete well with their competitors. The 24-300mm F2.8-5.6 IS, if an L variety, will be a winner here. It will be on my wish list.

"Canon has produced some incredible RF mount lenses thus far..." Are you sure you are not talking about Nikon with their Z lenses? Canon has produced some really horrible lenses that require firmware to fix all the issues they have. Everything from the not constant aperture on their zoom lenses, the noisy STM lenses that cannot be used for video and the horrible distortion. When they made their EF lenses, the processing power in the cameras were not great and Canon had to produce a decent lens. With their new cameras, the increased processing power has resulted in Canon designing subpar lenses that get fixed by the camera processor.

Can you be specific on which Canon lenses are "horrible" and the documented reasons they are deficient? A general statement including comments on competitor lenses makes one wonder if this is more of the typical Canon bashing commentary.

Let's see how long it takes to get a nicely documented reply. Holding your breath is an option. :-)

I can't breathe.....