Is Canon Planning to Release a 5D Mark V?

Is Canon Planning to Release a 5D Mark V?

Many seem fairly certain that the1D X Mark III will be the last flagship full frame sports and wildlife shooter from Canon when it is released next year, but what other DSLRs will reach the market given the pressure of mirrorless? It appears that DSLRs are not dead, as new rumors suggest that a 5D Mark V might be in the pipeline.

Canon Rumors is reporting that the fifth and most likely final iteration of the 5D has appeared on an internal roadmap within the Japanese manufacturer, probably giving some sense of relief to those DSLR shooters who have yet to drink the mirrorless Kool-Aid. Those heavily invested in EF glass will certainly be pleased with the prospect.

The roadmap also mentions the Canon EOS R Mark II, which would make sense given that the specifications would potentially be quite similar, in line with DSLR and mirrorless versions offering very similar technology and specifications. Assuming that the R Mark II matches expectations, Canon customers — particularly 5D Mark IV owners who are holding out — may be spoiled for choice when they come to upgrade, assuming that Canon doesn’t compromise its mirrorless development by feeling obliged to keep its EF glass alive.

There’s no timeline as part of this rumor, but as Canon Rumors notes, it seems unlikely that Canon will make any announcements much before the end of 2020.

If you’re a Canon 5D shooter, which would you go for: the 5D Mark V or the EOS R II? Let us know your reaction in the comments below.

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Tom Helmut Rathke's picture

It's going to be a long time before I invest in mirrorless. Too much money invested in EF glass. When it's time to abandon EF glass and buy new bodies, I'll decide what manufacturer to go with at that time. I can't afford flavor-of-the-day buying decisions. (So I'll probably by a 5D Mark V if I need a new body).

Fraser King's picture

I agree, and as unpopular as it may be, I have desire to abandon the mirror. I like an optical view rather than a EVF. The only version of the latter I have seen and liked was the Fuji XT3 and the Nikon Z7.

EL PIC's picture

Breaking News... Canon cuts its own throat !!
There are now more and better choices than back in the old FD days !!

When Canon realizes that they are cutting their own throats by forcing their own DSLR customers to buy new cameras and lenses .. I bet it will be from Sony and Canon will get their just rewards.
Well Played Canon .. Well Played !!

I would be more interested in 5D Mark4 but if I do mirrorless it will be a long time and probably with other than Canon.

Kirk Darling's picture

You mean like back in 1987 when Canon revealed the EF mount that could not be adapted to our FD lenses?

You mean cut their own throat like they did back then? Did Canon ever recover from that "mistake?"

Rayann Elzein's picture

What the hell are you talking about? I swear if Canon makes it impossible to use my expensive EF glass without an adapter, I will be really mad and that might very well be what pushes me to another brand if I have to buy everything again. What the hell am I supposed to do with a 600mm f/4 lens when the EF mount is discontinued?

Somebody will make an adapter I would think even if not Canon themselves.

If I were a Canon shooter, I'd probably go with the R. Mirrorless is the future and from what I've read the EF > RF adapter works quite well, so unless the mark V has some groundbreaking features that the R will be missing, I really don't see why you'd opt for the 5D.

Having used both 5D mkIV and EOS R for work .. one groundbreaking thing in favor of 5D is that it is good camera :) ... even IV is better than R .. not sure why V wouldnt be ... R is just fast-boiled reaction to competition ..

What makes IV better than R in your eyes?

Rayann Elzein's picture

Does the adapter work "quite well" or does it work "perfectly well"? We can't make compromises when we shoot for a living.

I was hedging there a bit as when somebody says "perfectly" there's always that one person who says it works like crap and ruined their shoot, etc etc. In the case of EF > RF adapter, it's probably pretty safe to say that it works perfectly since it's a first party adapter for first party lenses. Again, I'm not a Canon shooter, and again, given everything I've read if I were a Canon shooter and had a library of EF lenses I'd still go with the RmkII because the writing is on the wall for DSLRs. It might not happen next year, or year after that, but they're going away..

I use both the IV and the R for professional work and the adapter works flawlessly...
Actually some of my EF glass works better with the R than the IV...
The focus is straight on the sensor so no more micro adjustments to mess around with.
Focus is just like the IV.

I was sceptical at first going with the R and finally bought it on July 2019. Never used the IV since then.

Rayann Elzein's picture

Thank you for your feedback. I tend to be suspicious when adding anything extra between my lens and the camera body, so it's good to hear feedback from actual users :)

Kirk Darling's picture

EF lenses with the adapter work better on the R than they do on any DSLR.

Why is R better and the future?

R is not better, but I can easily see RmkII being better. And it's the future because mirrorless is the future.

Andrew Morse's picture

We're talking about two cameras which don't exist yet, so as a current 5D IV shooter I can't say what I'd choose. I see the value of mirrorless advancements for many people, but those advancements don't really impact my type of shooting so I don't see a whole lot of reason to change bodies at the moment.

Also, Canon has applied for patents on hybrid viewfinders (having both an EVF and OVF capabilities in one body) so who knows what a 5DV looks like. Way too early to make that call for me. Mirrorless may be the way of the future, but I'll always pick the tool that best suits my immediate need, regardless of what technology it uses.

Robert Nurse's picture

"assuming that Canon doesn’t compromise its mirrorless development by feeling obliged to keep its EF glass alive." Really? "obliged"? If I had to sell all my Canon glass to switch to that 2020 mirrorless upgrade, would Canon be able to explain to me why I shouldn't just jump ship completely and move to a certain mirrorless system that will remain nameless? I think it'd be in their best interest to keep those adapters coming!

Shawn Moore's picture

EOS R II definitely! I haven't touched my 5d mkV's since the EOS R.

David Pavlich's picture

I'll keep my 5DIV until Canon comes out with a pro body mirrorless that has the 5DIV qualities that make it a pro body, mainly 2 card slots. My reason to change is to access the RF lenses but the original R with one card slot is a non starter for me.

Przemek Lodej's picture

I'm still using my trusty old 5D MK III. It does its job well. I might wait another year or two and jump to EOS R II, but only if it'll be drastically better than the 5D MK IV. I have five lenses that I would most likely be unable to purchase because of price: 85mm f/1.2L II, 70-200mm f/2.8L II, 16-35 f/2.8L, 135mm f/2L and the workhorse utility 24-105mm f/4L. I'll wait.

Kirk Darling's picture

"Canon Rumors is reporting that the fifth and most likely final iteration of the 5D ....The roadmap also mentions the Canon EOS R Mark II...."

That pretty much tells us that even if the rumors are true, the writing is on the wall for the 5D DSLR series. We already know Canon is not working on any new EF lens designs--the lens division has migrated to the RF line. I suspect that the designers and programmers in the DSLR division are also anxious to get to the platform that will upgrade their skills, rather than to keep their heads in "old tech."

I'm not sure whether I should buy any new cameras, or just figure that I'll die soon enough and the ones I've been using so far work fine for me. 🤷🏼‍♂️

Rod Kestel's picture

Me too.
This is what happens with a mature technology - the previous model becomes the new one's biggest competitor. I use a paleolithic version of MS Word, does everything I need, why fart around with expense etc when you have one that works.

I went from two 5D Mk4 bodies to two EOS R bodies and still using all my existing Canon lenses (thanks to the lens adapter with control ring). My biggest gripe with the EOS R is the lack of dual card slots. Other than that there are a few things I miss about the 5D Mk4 but overall I'm happy with the EOS R.
BUT, I will definitely upgrade the EOS R when the EOS R2 comes out because I NEED dual card slots.

What is the advantage of the mirrorless R vs. the 5D Mark 4?

5D Mark V for me. I picked up an RP to dip my toes in mirrorless but have not been impressed. And like so many others I have a lot of EF glass that I love.

Lino Paul's picture

I am Mk 3 user. Just until a month ago I always said I won’t be using a mirror less for jobs. But after buying an Eos R now I am in 2 minds. More than specs canon has showed its strengths in the Eos R I think. Keeping dual card slot in Eos R would have been suicidal for the 5 d series.

James Allan's picture

I sure hope Canon come out with the Mark 5 soon. I've been holding off and I'm still shooting with the Mk3.

Miachelle Depiano's picture

Like many others, I have way too much EF glass to jump into the mirrorless pool. I shoot with the 5D MIII, and I want to upgrade, but I honestly don't need the so-called benefits of the mirror lineup...not enough to have to reinvest in a whole new line of glass. I don't think DSLRs are dead. I think it's marketing BS to get people to fork out thousands of dollars needlessly, especially at the rate that other camera makers are churning out new models.

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