Check out This Nikon D750 for Under $1,000

Check out This Nikon D750 for Under $1,000

It’s Black Friday, and while many times, that means camera companies just printing their regular prices in large, black type and calling it a sale, here’s one that’s a legit screamin’ deal: The Nikon D750 is now on sale for $997.

That’s a savings of $700 off its list price. The camera is still a current model in Nikon’s lineup and is a large step up from its (inexplicably higher-priced) entry-level full frame model, the D610. The focusing system on the D750, the deeper grip, and the flipping screen add some niceties that the lower model lacks, even though both sport a similar 24.3 MP resolution.

I’ve been using the D750 for four years now, and even though the camera came out in 2014, image quality hangs in there with the best of them. You can dig deep into the files to pull out a lot from shadows and rein in problematic highlights, and autofocus can easily do duty for sports work, as it’s the tried-and-true 51-point autofocus system that’s been pulled from Nikon’s previous professional models, like the D4s. The 6.5 fps burst shooting rate is swift, if not blisteringly so, but it’s served me well for plenty of sports work. It’s still my most used camera even if it’s one of the older ones in my stable. It’s still that good.

Being one of Nikon’s higher-range cameras, it also includes support for its Creative Lighting System, which allows for off-camera wireless infrared flash control. While it requires line of sight, it’s nice to have in camera for those portraits where you need to get the flash off the camera quickly. You can easily add radio capability with Yongnuo triggers, like these ones here. I use these and occasionally Pocket Wizards to get the job done for portraits and weddings.

If there’s one area where the camera feels its age, it would be for video shooting, where it tops out at Full HD (1,920 x 1,080) and 60 fps. While footage from the camera looks crisp, autofocus won’t match modern-day mirrorless cameras, and it doesn’t shoot 4K or have a touch screen. Still, if you’re not primarily shooting video and don’t need 4K, footage from the camera has good colors and can hang in there with any other 1080p camera.

If you’re looking longingly at a Nikon Z6, the D750 can get you most of the way in terms of photo quality for a significant cost savings. You also get a ton of lens options with the tried and true F-mount.

Head on over to B&H Photo to check out the $997 Nikon D750 deal and other Black Friday specials.

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Spy Black's picture

As great a deal as this is, I've spent so much time with mirrorless cameras that I've relegated my OVF gear to the studio only, where they can perform at their best for my needs. All my bodies from here on in, regardless of sensor size, will be mirrorless.

Vincent Alongi's picture

At this price, a very compelling option for a second / backup body if you needed. If you're invested in DSLR gear and not yet ready for the mirrorless jump....