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All You Wanted to Know About Tripods, But Were Afraid to Ask

While a $20 Best Buy tripod might seem like a good value, that’s not the case when in just a few short years you have to buy 6 of them because they keep breaking on you. I know from experience. After missing enough shots because my tripods kept breaking, I broke down and bought a professional tripod and haven’t looked back since.

Revisiting Micro Four Thirds for Photojournalism

When I first wrote about using mirrorless cameras for journalism in 2014, the Sony Alpha series had just been launched a few months before in 2013. Panasonic was just hitting its stride with the GH series of cameras and Fuji had just really started kicking off its X-Series cameras. Things have certainly changed.

Yes, Photojournalists Are Allowed To Film You Being Racist

As the discourse around Black Lives Matter and police reform grows ever coarser, racism is revealing itself through protests in all small corners of the country. And that means communities unfamiliar with the role of photojournalists are encountering firsthand the consequences of exercising free speech to spew hate in public spaces.

10 360 Tools to Make Your Immersive Image-Making Easier

Times have really changed for 360 shooters. When the cameras first came out, there was no ecosystem of products to make shooting easier. In 2021, that's definitely not the case, and YouTuber and 360 shooter Ben Claremont looks at some of the gear that will make life in 360 a little bit easier.

It's 2021: Where Are All the 360 Cameras?

It’s ironic that despite a pandemic, where virtual presence is all the rage these days, 360 camera manufacturers haven’t stepped up their game to fill that need. 2020 was a quiet year for 360 cameras, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some interesting ones to choose from at the start of 2021.

Photographers, Leave a Wall Empty Wherever You Live

I’ve lived in many places and every time, as much as I’ve wanted to set up a small studio, most apartments were not conducive to doing so, or I’ve had partners with so much junk that even a free wall was a luxury I couldn’t afford. I’ve finally had the occasion to leave one wall free for that mini portrait setup and I’m glad I did. It’s something every photographer should plan their furniture arrangements around.