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How Did You Hack Together Your Eclipse Kit?

It's been a few days since a swath of the United States was engulfed by the solar eclipse. Internet traffic dropped drastically as everyone turned their (protected) eyes to the sky. And of course, photographers feverishly figured out how to photograph the dang thing without properly preparing. Well, most of us, anyway.

Tips to 'Shoot From the Hip' With Street Photography

When I was a young photo student studying in college, my professor gave us a scavenger hunt for photography of sorts. One of the categories was "shoot from the hip." I thought it was strange, but in hindsight, it was prescient advice.

Answering the Age-Old Question: What Camera Should I Buy?

As a photojournalism professor, one of the questions I get asked most by beginning photographers is, "What camera should I buy?" As if there's a single, definitive answer to that. The answer I always give is: What do you want to do? There's a camera out there for everyone, and here's a guide for what to look for when you're starting out.

How Do the Top Free Video Editors Stack Up?

The battle in the video editing world has historically been between Apple's Final Cut Pro X and Adobe's Premiere. The two companies have leapfrogged each other for years when it comes to the war for video editors' hearts. But in 2024, there are a lot more wallet-friendly (read: free) options out there, and two of those duking it out right now are CapCut and DaVinci Resolve. But which one is worth giving a shot?

Making the Most of Natural Light in Your Portrait Photography

Too often it's easy to overlook the beauty of natural light instead of controlling that most important photography variable. But in the words of YouTuber and photographer Tung Bui, "Natural light portraits shouldn't be a challenge ... they should be enjoyable."

How to Get the Film Photography Experience With Digital Cameras

Oftentimes, film photographers cite the slower, more considered pace and style of shooting film as one of the biggest reasons to shoot it. While that may be the case, it's a limitation that you can bring to the digital world with little lost in the process.

Easy Tips to Keep Your Camera Gear Clean

I'm a bit of a neat freak when it comes to my gear. Anyone who has bought any of my used gear has usually told me it looks like new, save for maybe by the tripod mount, which I usually attach a plate to while I'm camped out by lighthouses.

Photojournalists Aren’t Always in Lockstep With What They Photograph

There was an interaction I had at the bagel store on Martin Luther King Day, when I went to photograph a pro-Palestine rally in New York City, that most accurately captures my often conflicted view about what’s happening these days in front of my lens as a photojournalist.

Finding Your Photographic Style in 2024

While some New Year's resolutions focus on hitting the gym or changing up a bad habit, for photographers, it's often about learning something new in the world of photography. If you're listening to art photographer and educator Scott French, one of those things to learn might be how to find your own style.

3 Ideas for When Skies Won’t Cooperate for a Photo

I'm envious of the fortunate people who live near Maine's beautiful landscapes. This proximity provides numerous opportunities to capture the perfect shot of some of my favorite lighthouses. But what happens when you make the trek and the skies simply don't want to cooperate?

Using a Modern 360 Camera as Your Wide Angle Lens

360 cameras have become jacks of all trades, but there’s a specific reason that photojournalists might want to consider carrying one in the field: to replace a wide angle lens.

Kandao Launches a New Prosumer 8K 360 Camera, the Qoocam 3 Ultra

Kandao made quite a splash with the QooCam 3 earlier this year, undercutting its nearest competition by quite a few dollars to make a very good case on value versus performance. Kandao just announced that camera's bigger brother, the QooCam 3 Ultra, and it looks to take the same formula and amp it up.

What's the Future of the Big iMac?

I have been a longtime user of the iMac, indoctrinated into the Bondi Blue clan since late high school. I've owned a 27" 2009 model, and a 27" 2013 one. But there's no longer a clear, linear upgrade path for longtime users of the big iMac.

How Does the EOS R6 Stack Up Against Its Newer Mark II Counterpart?

As the holiday season approaches, you're going to see some fire-sale prices on previous gen hardware. One of these that's probably on the mind of a lot of Canon shooters is the EOS R6, as it's going to be a lot cheaper than its newer sibling, the EOS R6 Mark II. Is it worth saving the money?