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Fstoppers Reviews the Kandao QooCam EGO: Capturing 3D Magic, but With a Fatal Flaw

Anybody of a certain age remembers the ViewMaster, a favorite childhood toy that read circular reels through a bright red stereoscopic viewfinder, rendering images from those reels in vivid, 3D detail. If nothing else, the color of Kandao’s new QooCam EGO viewfinder gives away that someone at that company has fond memories of the ViewMaster.

How to Get Better Low-light 360 Video

Shooting 360 video in low-light has never been easy, but larger sensors that are popping up in cameras like the Insta360 ONE RS 1-Inch 360 Edition Camera are increasing possibilities for night shooting. Here are a few tips to make the most of whatever 360 camera you've got for low light.

Are Sneak Peeks Hurting Your Photography Business?

The sneak peek has been an indispensable part of my photography business, providing clients with a few quick photos right after a shoot to "whet their appetite," so to speak. But is it a bad idea overall?

Here’s What $40,000 of 360 Camera Looks Like

It's really a shame that quite possibly the world's most advanced all-in-one 360 camera shares a name with the world's most popular social media platform. It makes the new Meta Three camera really hard to find online. But YouTuber and 360 content creator Hugh Hou was able to get a hands-on look at one in the flesh, and what a look it is.

Back-button Autofocus Is Even Better on Mirrorless Cameras, and Here’s Why

As a photography instructor, one of the most common questions I see from students is about back-button focus. It's easy to gloss over it to keep things simple for new users, but doing so on the latest generation of mirrorless cameras leaves a lot of useful features on the table. It's worth learning.

Make Your Landscape Photos Pop With These 5 Easy Tips

The best way to get a good landscape photo is to be at the right place at the right time. Sometimes, though, you can be there and still struggle to get a photo that's different from what's already out there or the weather isn't cooperating, and that's where the magic of editing comes in.

Is it Time To Show the World Crime Scene Photos of Gun Violence Victims?

Buffalo, New York. Uvalde, Texas. Tulsa, Oklahoma. A month ago, none of these towns would have been in the news for anything remarkable, but now, they have all shared headlines for the same reason: each has had a mass shooting, all within the last month. And each time, we never actually see what the carnage looks like. Is now the time to change that practice?

Sony Stuffs an Actual Zoom Lens Into a Smartphone

It's no secret about how Apple and other manufacturers get around the optical zoom problem on smartphones. One only needs to look at the back of the phone to see the ever-increasing number of lenses and sensors stuffed into the back shell. Sony, however, has figured out another way.

How Have Mirrorless Cameras Changed the Way You Shoot?

As someone who's been a regular Canon EOS R system user for the last few years, it's really dawned on me through teaching students how much things have changed for the better with serious mirrorless cameras.

The Next Best TikTok Camera Could Be the DJI Mavic Mini 3 Pro

The next drone in DJI's Mini lineup, the DJI Mini 3 Pro, is almost upon us, and though it looks to be a successor to the Mini 2, some reviewers have already gotten their hands on it to show that it is, in reality, a different beast entirely with its "Pro" nomenclature.

Are 9:16 Photos Instagram's Future?

Hot on the heels of the head of Instagram's post about the future of the social media service are some takes about what this means for photographers.

New Insta360 AI Video Tools Add Options for Creative Filmmaking

360 video has opened up tons of new creative opportunities for filmmakers even when they're not shooting in 360 mode. The apps included with new cameras such as Insta360's ONE X2 can reframe and cut video into compelling 2D footage, and new modes that incorporate AI are creating possibilities that were previously unheard of.

Haunting 360 Images Capture the Full Scope of Destruction of War in Ukraine

There's no doubt that images have the power to shape history. That's even more true for war photos such as photojournalist Nick Ut's "Napalm Girl" photo or Eddie Adams' "Saigon Execution" photo, two images that really helped shape American views of the Vietnam conflict. In 2022, it's modern-day 360 images that will have the power to truly show the devastation of Ukraine.

Photo and Video Aren’t the Same: Here’s Why

I came into photography after being a newspaper videographer for several years. I thought that my video skills would transfer cleanly into photography, and while in some ways that were the case, in more ways, it was not. Here's a video that breaks down exactly why that is.

Are Your Photos Not Sharp? Here Are 15 Reasons Why

It's taken me years to figure out the myriad reasons why my photos weren't always as sharp as I expected. You can cut out all of that learning time by watching this one video that sums it all up.

Fstoppers Reviews the HEX Back Loader DSLR Backpack V2

HEX has been on a tear lately, releasing plenty of functional bags with some meaningful limited editions. The HEX Back Loader DSLR Backpack V2 continues the trend with a useful and stylish package that’s just about perfect for shooters with DSLR or mirrorless cameras.

The 40mm Focal Length Is Just About Perfect

I've used a 40mm (equivalent) lens for years, and while I first discovered this weird focal length more than a decade ago with Micro Four Thirds, it's become a staple of my collection enough to move it from "weird" to "wonderful."

How to Pick the Right Travel Camera

As photographers, we often have a lot of different horses for different courses, and when it comes to traveling, it often seems really, really hard to choose the right one to take with you. If you're struggling with this dilemma, you're not alone. Photographer and YouTuber Omar Gonzalez is right there with you.