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Kandao Launches a New Prosumer 8K 360 Camera, the Qoocam 3 Ultra

Kandao made quite a splash with the QooCam 3 earlier this year, undercutting its nearest competition by quite a few dollars to make a very good case on value versus performance. Kandao just announced that camera's bigger brother, the QooCam 3 Ultra, and it looks to take the same formula and amp it up.

What's the Future of the Big iMac?

I have been a longtime user of the iMac, indoctrinated into the Bondi Blue clan since late high school. I've owned a 27" 2009 model, and a 27" 2013 one. But there's no longer a clear, linear upgrade path for longtime users of the big iMac.

How Does the EOS R6 Stack Up Against Its Newer Mark II Counterpart?

As the holiday season approaches, you're going to see some fire-sale prices on previous gen hardware. One of these that's probably on the mind of a lot of Canon shooters is the EOS R6, as it's going to be a lot cheaper than its newer sibling, the EOS R6 Mark II. Is it worth saving the money?

Three Useful Gift Ideas for Photographers for Under $100

If you're looking for a gift for your photographer friends, spare them the lens mugs that they probably already have five of. Instead, here's a list of three useful but reasonably priced accessories that will make life a little easier for the shooter in your life.

Oh No! Your Camera System Has Been Discontinued. Now What?

Canon's recent decision to sunset its EOS M system has left a lot of users in the lurch. With no new EF-M lenses or bodies on the horizon, what's an M shooter to do? The answer to that is, well, nothing. Do nothing.

Check Out These Backpacks That Work Best for 360 Video

Most of the time, it's hard to get excited about a bag. That's because bags are mostly like air: they exist. They're just there. But finding a good bag for 360 content creators is a little more difficult.

Google’s New ‘Fix It in Post’ Pixel 8 Smartphones

I've long been a fan of Google's Pixel lineup of phones for its photography prowess, but with the release of the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, it's clear that photographers are not necessarily the market for what is considered a solid lineup of phone cameras.

A Techie’s Review of the iPhone 15 Pro Max

It's another year, and there's another iPhone, but this year's flagship model, the iPhone 15 Pro Max, brings a few new tricks to the table for photographers. The Verge takes a deep-dive into the tech behind the upgrades and what impact it has on the photo quality of the phone.

What Has Canon Got up Its Sleeve for 360/VR Video?

Without much fanfare, Canon showed off a prototype consumer 360/180 VR camera shortly after Apple's reveal of its Vision Pro VR headset in June. Now, we have a better idea of what's under the hood.

We Review the Kandao QooCam 3: Third Time’s the Charm

While 360 cameras haven’t quite entered the mainstream for most photographers, Kandao’s QooCam 3 makes a solid case why they should: Kandao’s third entry into its QooCam lineup is a solid 360 action camera at a bargain price.

3 Tips to Improve Your Travel Photography

When traveling, it's often the case that photographers zero in on the iconic sights that everyone else gets: the Eiffel Tower in France, Big Ben in London, etc. But instead of capturing what everyone else gets, there are ways to capture the feel of a place without necessarily getting the "standard" shot.

It’s Time to (Judiciously) Embrace the ‘AI Age'

Cameras used to use glass plates and flash used to be controlled explosions. Thankfully, we've embraced the relative safety introduced to the photographic process with DSLRs and mirrorless cameras, but can we say the same for AI?

Picking 360 Video Editing Software in 2023

It's still a bit of the wild west for 360 video editors in 2023, but that said, many of the major brands and smaller competitors have made great strides in catching up with their software to cater to this specific niche. If that's you, you'll want to read about these four video editing tools.