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How Well Does the M2 Pro Mac mini Handle Video?

I'm not a novice to the world of computer hardware. I've been building my own Intel-based PCs for the better part of 25 years, but the new world order of Apple Silicon has turned conventional wisdom on its head for those looking to buy a machine for multimedia work.

What Are the Best Budget Cameras at the Start of 2023?

Everybody's got to start somewhere. The difference these days is about where you want to start. Whether it's vlogging, still photography, or making feature films, beginner cameras have really branched out into specialized tools in recent years.

Why I Bought Into a Dead-end Mirrorless System for 2023

I’ve always had a set of “work” cameras and “fun” cameras, the former being big, heavy professional tools and the latter being the kind I’d bring on family trips and for street photography.

YouTuber Gathers Millions of Votes to Determine the Best Smartphone Camera of 2022

This article could have easily been headlined "the best smartphone camera of 2022" and still been accurate, but in what is an astounding piece of data-gathering work, popular tech YouTuber Marques Brownlee has gathered millions of votes on 16 phones from hundreds of thousands of users to produce what is likely the definitive test for smartphone photography.

Are Modern Camcorders Worth It?

When I worked in camera marketing, one of the toughest sells around the mid-2010s was camcorders. Why spend hundreds or thousands of dollars when a DSLR can give you equivalent image quality and, on paper, do more? YouTuber Tom Buck answers that question after a couple of months of using one.

A Camera (Or Phone) For Every Budget

It's the holiday season, and that means that many folks are considering a new camera. That doesn't mean you should run out and by the cheapest DSLR or mirrorless camera, and photographer and YouTuber Tony Northup explains why.

Apple’s ProRAW Does Some Seriously Weird Things to Photos

After many years of non-pro iPhones, Apple’s new 48-megapixel iPhone 14 Pro was enough to convince me to pull the trigger. I was ready to fall into the embrace of Apple’s AI-assisted ProRAW format. While it has its uses, in its current state it’s still kind of a mixed bag.

Camera Companies Are Really Bad at Promoting Why Their Cameras Are Better Than Phones

There’s a lot of press about how phones are hanging right in there with “real” cameras. And while sometimes this is true, for the most part, a Canon EOS R5 is still going to be much more capable than a cell phone. It’s just a shame that major camera brands’ marketing departments haven’t figured out how to show that.

Gearing Up for Senior Portrait Photography

While senior portrait season is still a few months away, the time to gear up for it is upon us, with Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and holiday deals just on the horizon. If you're starting out and looking to get into this style of photography, here are a few options from photographer and YouTuber Michelle Nichols.

The Panasonic GM1 Is a Modern Mini-camera Classic That Is Sorely Missed

I have long lamented the discontinuation of the absolutely tiny Panasonic Lumix GM series of cameras, and imagine my surprise in 2022 to find out that I'm not alone. The camera has proven to be a cult favorite, and YouTuber and photographer Robin Wong breaks down why.

9 Great Tools for Smartphone Filmmaking in 2022

In the last few years, I've found myself using my smartphone more and more as my video camera to capture life's moments. On an actual shoot, it's also not uncommon for me to use one as a b-camera. If that's you as well, here are nine great tools to help improve your smartphone videography (and a bonus tip).

Using AI to Restore Old Photos Actually Works

It's absolutely mind-blowing how much artificial intelligence has come to play a central role in photography. There's the presence of it in everyday usage in smartphones, with things like portrait mode and night sight, but now, even more powerful tools are available to desktop retouchers. Just check out how it works on this 70-year-old photo.

How To Set up a Complete Video-friendly Studio Setup for Under $3,000

So many YouTubers are able to project an air of authority with some amazing A-roll setups. While it may seem like you need a dedicated studio space to do so, that's not always the case, as this video shows you how to get a professional look on a budget.

Are You a ‘Fanny Pack Photgrapher'?

Under the category of so-ridiculous-that-I'm-not-sure-it's-real-but-kind-of-a-cool idea is a video that chronicles the life of a "fanny pack photographer."