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What Are the Best Compact Cameras in 2021?

In the mid-2000s, compact cameras were all the rage. Everybody had one, and they were all pretty much the same — small sensors and lackluster features. I’ve lost count of how many Canon PowerShot ELPH cameras I’ve owned that fit this mold.

Five Mini Drones for Drone Beginners To Consider

In the world of drone photography, it’s hard to remember that there are players in the market that aren’t DJI. But maybe you are in the mood for something different. Maybe you’re just starting out. It might be worth it, in that case, to check out a few other options.

To High Speed Sync or Not to High Speed Sync? Maybe an ND Filter Is Best

There's a feature with flashes that if you're in the know, is a lifesaver. High speed sync is something that allows you to shoot beyond what's considered the maximum sync speed of your camera, and to shoot wide open with flash in bright light, it's often a necessity to balance the exposure.

Use Toys to Push Your Creative Photo Editing

As a photojournalist, I often have subconscious blocks against excessive editing that seep even into other genres of photography. That’s why I often try my hand at toy photography when I want to flex my editing muscles.

5 Things a Photographer Wishes He Had Learned Earlier in His Career

Photography is about growth, and there are many times I wish that I could tell my younger self a few things about photography. While I'd start out by saying "You're not as good as you think you are," there are a few more practical tips in this video from Gear Focus.

How Does the Kandao Obsidian Pro Stack Up in the Pro 360 Camera Space?

The year’s been pretty quiet for 360 cameras, which is why the launch of the Kandao Obsidian Pro, a 12K 360 camera made up of 8 APS-C sized sensors, is pretty much an extinction-level event this year as far as 360 cameras are concerned. The specs put it easily above other all-in-one 360 solutions, but how does it stack up in the real world?

The Panasonic Lumix G85: The Best Budget Video Camera?

I’ve been a longtime Panasonic Lumix shooter, and while even though it may seem like Micro Four Thirds may be a standard that’s in its twilight, there are still a lot of good deals to be had for filmmakers on a budget: Witness the Panasonic Lumix G85.

Fstoppers Reviews the Vecnos IQUI: A Tiny 360 Camera for the Masses?

Capturing the world in 360 has been a thing for years. While companies such as Ricoh and Insta360 have made the process far easier than the days of specialized tripod heads and sophisticated software, it’s still not an easily understood process or format. Vecnos aims to change that with its new IQUI 360 camera.

No Drones Allowed? No Problem. These Ideas Will Help You Fake It

There are so many places I’ve wanted to fly a drone, but it’s just not possible what with all those pesky FAA regulations, permit requirements, insurance, and all. But filmmaker Karen X proves that you don’t always need a drone to get a drone-like shot. You just need some creativity.

Tips to Build Your Food Photography Portfolio

While I personally enjoy eating my food, there are times where that food is worth a photo as much as a bite. That said, if it’s a field you are looking to get into, there’s a right way and a wrong way to go about it.

Mighty Fine Macro: Fstoppers Reviews the Venus Optics Laowa 50mm f/2.8 Ultra Macro APO Lens

There’s no shortage of lenses to choose from when it comes to the Micro Four Thirds mount, and so, for one to stand out, it’s got to offer something special. The Venus Optics Laowa 50mm f/2.8 Ultra Macro APO is a lens that just happens to have a few tricks up its sleeve to make a case for itself, namely 2:1 magnification for macro photography and the computer chips to make it play nice with Micro Four Thirds cameras.

Streamline Your Video Recording Setup With an 'All-in-One Studio Stand'

When the pandemic started, as a professor I had a plan to record all of my lectures in a professional-style studio setup with proper mics, lighting, background, etc. While it was mostly kids and life that got in the way of doing it that way, a huge factor was also the complexity of setting up all the necessary equipment to make it happen.

The M1 Treatment Grants the New iPad Pro Editing Superpowers

Years ago, I taught a workshop on editing video for scientists. We primarily taught the shooting part of things with an iPhone and the editing part with iPads and iMovie because it would be easier to learn, not because they were particularly good tools. My how things have changed now that the new M1 iPad Pro is out.

Why the Canon EOS R Might Be the Best Choice for RF Shooters

When Canon launched the RF mount with the EOS R, your choices were limited to that one camera if you wanted to buy into Canon's stellar new lens system. While it's a bit long in the tooth, it's definitely still a viable camera, and possibly the best camera to get if you're starting out in the system.

AI Is Everywhere in Photography. Should We Just Learn To Love It?

The floodgates for artificial intelligence’s interference (or improvements, depending on your point of view) in digital photography have opened up since Apple and Google made it mainstream, with advancements such as Portrait Mode and Night Sight. Adobe took it another direction when it added an A.I.-powered “enhance” feature that enabled the enlarging of photos beyond what’s naturally possible. But is this making photography less real than it should be?