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A Look at Some of the Best Budget Gear for Filmmakers

Making good-looking footage isn't an easy or cheap endeavor. While for much work, it still makes sense to spend on the gear you need, sometimes, there's a workaround that is much, much cheaper. This video takes a look at some of the best video accessories you can get for under $50.

5 Mistakes Beginning Stock Photographers Make

Stock photography is often viewed as a form of "passive income" for photographers that have a low barrier of entry. But just because that's the case doesn't mean it's easy. A seasoned stock photographer shares some of the mistakes she made when starting.

These Are the Best 360 Cameras for Photo and Video in 2022

It's the start of 2022, and once again the world has retreated into pandemic bubbles. If ever there was a use-case for 360 images and videos, it's now, when it's safer to experience things virtually than in-person. That's where 360 cameras come in, and here's a pretty comprehensive list of the best horse for both photo and video courses.

Use This One Cheap Photography Prop to Make Your Portraits Pop

If you've ever seen portraits with some wild reflections and funky lighting effects, it's entirely possible that it's not a multiple exposure or post-processed image. Using a cheap prism, you can duplicate some of these effects in camera.

Need a Last-Minute Gift Idea? Make a Photo for Someone

I've always been a fan of personalizing gifts for the special people in my life. It says so much more than a pair of Happy Socks or a gift card. But nothing quite compares to giving the gift of your art.

Fstoppers Reviews the HEX x Misshattan Ranger DSLR Sling Bag

I’ve never been one to consider style in my bag purchases, but if that style comes at no extra cost, then, why not? That’s certainly the case with the new HEX x Misshattan Ranger DSLR Sling, a different take on the company’s regular Ranger DSLR Sling.

These Are the Best and Worst Cameras For Video

DSLR cameras with a focus on video don't get enough respect. Often regarded as a less-than-serious tool by professionals, and perhaps too complicated for photographers, they occupy an interesting but important middle-ground for content creators. So which brand is doing this genre right?

Sony Stuffs a 1-Inch Sensor Into a Smartphone, Sort Of

Sony's a bit of a niche player in the smartphone market, but with their latest offering, they seem to have managed the impossible, which is cramming a 1-inch sensor into a very thin cell phone.

Nikon Z 9 Video Leak Reveals Some Potential Dealbreakers for Pros

Nikon India accidentally posted the release video for the Nikon Z 9 flagship just a bit early, and while they were quick to remove it, photographer and YouTuber Tony Northrup was able to get his hands on it and do a deep dive into the uphill battle against Sony and Canon that the camera will face.

What's the Better Choice: Mirrorless or DSLR?

It's the holy war of the photography world: Mirrorless versus DSLR. It's also, these days, a largely irrelevant question, as both technologies are pretty far along and end up doing about the same thing. Photographer David Bergman takes a look at a reader question and offers his thoughts on what's better.

A Deeper Dive Into Canon’s Lens Aimed at VR Content Creators

It looked like 2021 was going to be somewhat of a dry year for virtual reality content creators, and then out of nowhere, Canon drops the RF 5.2mm f/2.8 L Dual Fisheye lens aimed squarely at creators of 180 VR content. It's now possible to more easily shoot this kind of content in 8K, but beyond that, what other new features does it bring to the table? Expert VR content creator Hugh Hou explains.

Fstoppers Reviews the Insta360 Go 2: Leveling Up the Action Camera

On the surface, it doesn’t look like Insta360’s latest entry in the GO lineup is all that different from its previous model. Looks, in this case, are very, very deceiving. The Insta360 GO 2 fixes every issue with its predecessor and in the process, has become a versatile and eminently usable camera in its own right.

How to Easily Set Up a Portrait With Paramount Lighting

One of the first lighting techniques I learned in graduate school was Paramount lighting. It's an easy way to come up with consistently solid portraits of almost anyone. Here's a quick tutorial from Adorama and fashion photographer Lindsey Adler on how to get that just right.