Check Out the Nikon Z 6 II Eye Autofocus Shooting Wide Open in Low Light

Manny Ortiz loved shooting on the first iteration of the Nikon Z 6, but one of his big reservations was the consistency of the eye autofocus. He now has his hands on a pre-production model of the Z 6 II, so how will the autofocus cope in low light and shooting wide open?

The Z 6 II is falling into more and more hands, and fans will be delighted to see that early indications are good. Even those who don’t shoot on Nikon will be happy for the Japanese manufacturer’s new mirrorless cameras to match the pace set by the likes of Sony and Canon, as it makes for healthy competition and is a positive sign for the industry more broadly. Nikon doesn’t have the deep pockets of its competitors, and the last couple of years have been harsh, even before the global pandemic came along.

If you’re keen to see more, check out this video pointed out to use by Fstoppers community member Hans J. Nielsen. The way that the Z 6 II deals with a subject who's wearing not only sunglasses but also a mask is genuinely impressive.

Are you impressed so far? I certainly am. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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Tony Wu's picture

Looks good enough.

J Cortes's picture

Will be picking one up !

William Faucher's picture

Man I'm having a harder and harder time deciding between a Z6II and the Z7II

zeissiez lee's picture

That’s right. A good camera review in 2020 should always compare the eye focus capability to Sony and Canon cameras. If it’s right up there, then it’s a good camera, regardless of price, ergonomics and personal preference.

Richard Reed's picture

It's become the only benchmark for YouTubers.

J Cortes's picture

I know right , the Youtubers are kind of getting carried away with that. The camera did great in his little test . I agree with you the camera as a whole should be evaluated .