Comparing the Video Capabilities of the New iPhone 11 Pro Versus a $250,000 Camera Setup

A videographer decided to compare “two extremes” of the camera world. Intended purely as a fun experiment and not a serious competition, he pitted the new iPhone 11 Pro against a fully loaded URSA Broadcast camera with a Fujinon UA107 lens, a setup that totals over $250,000.

The experiment comes courtesy of a filmmaker called Thibaud, more commonly known by his YouTube channel, Zebra Zone. He assembled the following gear for the test:

  • BlackMagic Ursa Broadcast Camera: $3,000
  • Fujinon UA107 Box Lens: $212,000
  • Tripod and Fluid Head: $20,000
  • Remote Control Handles: $9,000
  • Camera-to-Lens Adapter: $7,000
  • Monitor: $1,800
  • Fiberoptic Transmission Module: $3,000

Thibaud came up with the idea for the video after seeing endless comments regarding mobile phones replacing professional camera gear. He decided it’d be funny to assemble the most extravagant combination of gear possible in order to try and obliterate the new iPhone.

His conclusion is that while the advancement of the iPhone is undeniable, a paying client expects so much more — in terms of reliability and consistency, if nothing else. With professional equipment, a photographer is better equipped for situations that weren’t anticipated, such as having to shoot from farther away or in lower lighting than planned.

Despite the lighthearted nature of the video, his finishing statement details exactly why good gear is as expensive as it is and how important it is to an evolving business.

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Reginald Walton's picture

But why? Sigh!

Travis Pinney's picture

Can we just stop this crap already? Look I get it, the iPhone is capable of A LOT! However, I would gladly take a purpose built rig any day over it. It can come close to a lot of things in many aspects but currently it wont replace any dedicated setup. Shit, my phone got me into photography and I quickly learned at the time that my D3300 that was collecting dust in my closet was a hell of a lot better at dedicated photography than my phone was after learning how to use it.

Deleted Account's picture

Saw this doing the rounds and hoped FS would skip it.

Spy Black's picture

Just dress the iPhone up in a $250,000 camera case and box lens. No one will ever notice...

Rod Kestel's picture

A frustrating video. I wish he'd skip the 90% of the time spends repeating himself and give us some real information. EG where does the reliability of the pro camera come from? etc etc

Stuart Carver's picture

In light of the recent negativity around Fujifilm’s new 16-80 lens I’m more interested in the fact people think they are no good at creating optics ;)