[Crazy Deals] Sandisk 32GB Memory Cards On Sale Today Only

[Crazy Deals] Sandisk 32GB Memory Cards On Sale Today Only

What's that? You need twice as much memory now for your crazy large Nikon D800 RAW files? But those 32GB Memory Cards are so expensive you say. Well today only 32GB SD and Compact Flash Cards are on sale at some of the lowest prices I've ever seen (and no rebate forms to deal with). This is great news after shooting my first wedding with the Nikon D4 and D800 and realizing single 32 gig cards aren't cutting it anymore. Don't say we didn't warn you if you miss out on this deal!

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Brandon Luckain's picture

What is with the absurd price difference between formats?

Zack Williamson's picture

Increasing Read/Write speed with cost, and Compact Flash vs SDHC.

CF will always be ahead of SD in terms of speed and build quality. It has also always been the preferred format for professionals both in photo/video, as well as labs for high speed transfers of valuable information between computers.

It's more expensive because it's a better quality, and because professionals will pay the extra money to buy it.

Jerrit Pruyn's picture

done son!

Zack Williamson's picture

This sale even beats B&H's educational discount price on Lexar Pro 32gb 600x CF cards!

this is a good find for a D800/5DMIII crowd, but since the price difference between formats is so big - is there a advantage/disadvantage when using CF or SD in those cameras?

Patrick Hall's picture

Having a nice collection of 32gb CF cards, I'm now starting to build up my SD collection.  More and more pro cameras are now using CF/SD instead of CF/CF   I do hate SD cards but so many cameras now use them

 That's my dilemma - I've never used SD cards before, but these days pro cameras take them. As much as I hate SD - 2x32GB SD for the price of ONE 32GB CF makes me like them a bit. At least that's what my wallet says....

As a 5d Mark III shooter doing mainly weddings, the secondary SD is perfect. It allows me to double back up all my images as I'm shooting just in case there ever was a card corrupted. The SD might just save me one day. 

Erik Tande's picture

Thanks for the link!

The SD cards have been this price before... I got 1x 32GB for 39.99 and 2x 16GB for 19.99 apiece at Best Buy more than a month ago.  Buy.com also puts these on sale for this price too. 


Nazim Uddin's picture

B&H usually sells the 60MB/s 32GB CF card for about $99.95.  The original prices here are inflated but still not a bad deal for $15 less what they usually charge and with free shipping.  I've had these in my wishlist for some time now and been comparing to what Amazon sells them for so just be aware, it's not as big a sale as it seems.

eh...I believe that Lexar is better than SanDisk. Just personal. I've had too many issues with sandisk...and it cost me two weddings before...not going back because of that. Now Lexar is great. Their cheap for my wallet...and high quality and fast...especially with their new card reader.

Wish I could get them in Australia at that price